Zuparken – Surf- and Bulli-Festival

We’re going to “Zuparken” – a nice and small surf festival at the Baltic Sea coast.

The small festival exists for more than ten years, now but it will always be limited to its small number of visitors and therefore it retains its charm.

The Zuparken is also a Bulli-Festival. All the Bullis are parked as close as possible so everyone fits into the small area at the Kägsdorfer beach.  A highlight of the festival is always the “East-Coast-Run” which starts in Rostock at the city harbour and everyone who has a bus can join the long convoy to the festival.

Arriving at the Zuparken 2018 © Niclas Ruehl

At the festival is also a smoother area for families and in total there is enough space for everyone with a tent!

relaxing at the beach © Dan Petermann

SUP Tour © Dan Petermann

Bus parked, tent up… off to the beach! Either take a bath or register for the first workshop. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, wave surfing or stand-up-paddling – we directly registered for the downwinder with the SUP towards Rerik.

handcraft your own Makramee © Dan Petermann

Ukulele Workshop © Dan Petermann

Some of us are not that much into watersports and were therefore more interested in the workshops on land. Besides the numerous workshops our favourites were the Bulli cooking course, the longboard workshop and building your own Makramee. So on everyone was quickly distributed at the festival!

beach stage with live music © Dan Petermann

Later we met at the beach stage with live music before we went back to the camp at the small barbeque. If you don’t have anything to eat with you at this weekend you’ll find several food trucks with burgers, fries, wraps, smoothies and of course something for vegans.

main stage at the Zuparken festival © Niclas Ruehl

After the recent courses and testivals at and on the water the dance mood rose sharply every evening. Live bands and DJ’s on both stages and in music there is something for everyone.

And those who missed the Zuparken festival should visit the Pangea Festival at the end of August. Quasi the parking… only 5 times bigger, crazier, more workshops, more sports… simply MORE of everything! 🙂

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