With the houseboat over the lake district of MV

“The perfect oof-the-path micro adventure!” that’s what Line and Sebastian from the blog Off The Path (website in German) call it. Both of them were on the Mecklenburg Lake District and tested Locaboat’s houseboat offer.

Sebastian told us all about that and now we are jealous we didn’t have time to try it ourselves!

“Who says you have to move to faraway lands for unforgettable adventures? You can also find beautiful spots in our home country of Germany which will take you out of everyday routine and straight into the countryside. The Mecklenburg Lake District is particularly cool, because here, in addition to the ingenious nature, a very special adventure awaits you: a tour by houseboat!

I was only a weekend with the houseboat and had a really great time! Besides me, my girlfriend Line, my parents and my cousin were also there. We started our tour in Untergöhren, as this is one of the three stations of Locaboat, the rental company of the houseboats. Usually these are available from 2 pm and after your arrival you will learn the most important theory in two to three hours and you will have to take your houseboat out on the water for the first time. If all this works out, you will get your charter boat driving licence and then you are officially allowed to sail off on your own.

Den Abend geniessen an Deck vom Hausboot © Sebastian Canaves

Enjoying the evening on the deck of the houseboat © Sebastian Canaves

Either you go directly to the water after that or you follow our steps and go shopping in Malchow to get everything you need for the next days. The houseboat is really like a small house: there is a well-equipped kitchen, a cosy sitting area with dining table, and depending on the size of the boat several sleeping cabins, toilets and showers. Our Spandau also had a really large deck with several seating and chilling facilities. Here was also located the second steering wheel, where I spent most of my time!

Our first tour took us to lake “Jabelscher See”. From the harbour in Untergöhren the trip takes 45 minutes and after a short time you forget your everyday life and dive into a completely different world – this cruising has just a very special effect! You drive first over the Fleesensee and then through a short canal further on to the Jabelscher See, which is clearly calmer and also smaller than the Fleesensee. The great thing is that there is a wisent enclosure by the lake next to which you can drop your anchor. So with a bit of luck you might spot a European bison while cooking dinner in the boat’s kitchen or watching the sunset from the deck!

Seeüberqueerung mit Locaboat © Sebastian Canaves

Lake crossing with Locaboat © Sebastian Canaves

The slight swinging of the boat the first night maybe a little unusual for the first night, but anyways I fell asleep like a little baby. The next morning I was woken up by the splashing of the water against the boat, an unusual but effective alarm clock. But maybe my wellbeing this morning was also influenced by my excitement to sail again – the feeling of being captain and this cosy cruising are addictive.

The Mecklenburg Lake District is so huge and consists of so many different lakes and canals, one is spoilt for choice. We decided to go back over the Fleesensee and to Malchow. Here you can also park your houseboat to take a look around the city. The best way is to go to the harbour on the left before the bridge. For a few hours of parking, you pay 2.50 euros and can also plug your boat into the power supply during this time.

Sonnenuntergang auf der Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte © Sebastian Canaves

Sunset on the Mecklenburg Lake District © Sebastian Canaves

The town of Malchow is a really pretty town. Just loop through the streets or try the smoked eel, which is very typical for the region. If you are more like an adventurous person and you have some previous experience with horses like Line, you can take an assisted ride at the Malchow Riding School.

From Malchow you can then head for Plauer See with your houseboat in the same way as we did. First you have to follow this route along the Petersdorfer See, a kind of canal, until you reach the big wide water of the Plauer See. We simply crossed it and sailed over to the small town of Plau am See, where we anchored the Spandau directly in the first harbour. In Plau am See another adventure awaits you: Stand Up Paddling and Kayaking!

Die Kanäle in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern erkunden © Sebastian Canaves

Exploring the canals in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern © Sebastian Canaves

Instead of parking in the first harbour and having to pay 5 Euro, you can also cruise through Plau am See and through the locks until you reach the jetty of the canoe team Plau am See. Here you can rent SUP boards, kayaks and canoes and paddle along the Elde with them. We chose the SUPs and even managed to stay completely dry! The cool thing about Stand Up Paddling is that you don´t only have to exert yourself physically, but also stay focused if you don´t want to fall into the water. For me this is one of the most ingenious sports and on top of that you can get really close to nature.

Sebastian auf seinem Lieblingsplatz des Hausbootes © Sebastian Canaves

Sebastian on his favourite spot of the houseboat © Sebastian Canaves

After you have exhausted yourself physically here, you can still walk a little through Plau am See, because this place also offers some nice streets and invites you to a comfortable walk. In the afternoon you can sail further down the Elde or go to the north-east of Lake Plauer See, where you can anchor at Plauer Werder opposite Jürgenshof and spend your second night. Here, again, you are back in a really quiet corner and have the feeling of being in the middle of the wilderness. Reed grows on the shore, behind it stretches a forest and swans swim around your boat. And if you’re lucky, you’ll also experience a beautiful sunset – a day couldn’t end any better!

Luftbild vom Hausboot "Locaboat" © Sebastian Canaves

Aerial view of the houseboat “Locaboat” © Sebastian Canaves

Since the river was as smooth as glass the next morning, I jumped into the ice-cold water to wake up. And not just once, but many times, because it was so incredibly cool. If you do your houseboat tour also in summer and have good weather, you should definitely pack your swimming trunks! The water of the Mecklenburg Lake District is very clean and is perfect for a few swims.

Line am Steuer des Locaboat © Sebastian Canaves

Line at hte wheel of the Locaboat © Sebastian Canaves

After this short refreshment we drove back over the lake “Plauer See” and the lake “Petersdorfer See”, past Malchow and on the “Fleesensee” to Untergöhren, because it was time to bring the Spandau back to its home port. Even though I was only on a weekend with the houseboat, it was pure relaxation for me and for sure it was one of the best adventures I have ever experienced in Germany. The reasons why such a tour with the houseboat is really unique and an unforgettable experience: you shove off, your nose always in the wind, and around you there´s nothing but nature and peace. Whether as a couple or together with your best friends – a houseboat tour across the Mecklenburg Lake District is the perfect “Off The Path” micro adventure! Anyway, I’m already planning my next tour… ;)”

You can find out more about Locaboat’s houseboats and the locations in MV HERE.


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