With the houseboat on the river Peene – the Amazonas of Germany!

Summer is coming soon again and you shold already start with your planning

Last summer we were on the Peene for you and we tested the possible trips with the houseboat.

After all passengers from Hamburg, Berlin and Rostock had been collected, we went to the harbour Demmin “Peene Marina” to take the houseboat with 6 passengers.


The houseboat

Das Hausboot liegt im Hafen von Demmin startklar © TMV/Hugo

The houseboat is ready to start from the Demmin harbour© TMV/Hugo

Since you will receive a temporary motorboat licence for the charter period, you will be provided with a theoretical summary of the rules of navigation after the briefing and make a short harbour tour to get a feeling for this extremely large “raft”. If you already have an inland motorboat licence, the test drive and the detailed explanation of the traffic regulations will be skipped.


The river tour

Die Klappbrücke in Demmin © TMV/Hugo

The folding bridge in Demmin © TMV/Hugo

After all preparations were made, we started our boat tour towards Kummerow Lake. After the sunset we decided to stop and spend the night at the water rest area Trittelwitz. It was very relaxed and absolutely calm.

Der Wasserwanderrastplatz Trittelwitz © TMV/Hugo

The water rest area Trittelwitz © TMV/Hugo

On the boat everything is available, as if you were living in a modern bungalow. Therefore, the kitchen was prepared and we started cooking Chilli Con Carne, while the rest of the guests chilled on the roof terrace and admired the nature and the otters swimming past. However, there are still some disputes about the otter – maybe it was a beaver after all…

Chillen auf der Dachterrasse © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

Chilling on the roof terrace © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

The next morning we left early to continue our way to Lake Kummerow. It takes about 3 hours from Demmin harbour to the lake, if you consider maximum speed without stops. By the way the speed should rather be compared to a fast walking step than to the speed of a motorboat. But don’t miss the fun of starting the race at walking speed with a raft coming by.

Sonnenuntergang auf der Peene © TMV/Hugo

Sunset on the river Peene © TMV/Hugo

Once we arrived at the Kummerower See, we stopped at the water resting place “Aalbude” to get electricity and fresh sandwiches and we explored the lake landscape after having breakfast. If you’ve been on the road for a few days, this would be an ideal place to fill the tanks.

Those who love nature and water should not hesitate long and enjoy the sunrise in the middle of nature on the roof terrace of a houseboat. If you still have a SUP – perfect! Take it with you.

We had the first shock when a grass snake swam past the SUP. Harmless and yet shy, it quickly disappeared in the direction of the shore. But honestly – you swim in the water and next to your head something creepy appears…..


Houseboat equipment

Das Hausboot mit Wohnbereich, Küche und Sitzecke © TMV/Hugo

The houseboat with living area, kitchen and sitting area © TMV/Hugo

The houseboat itself offers more than you need:

  • Room for 6 to 8 people
  • Toilet with shower box and WC
  • complete kitchen
  • flat screen television
  • 2 sleeping cabines
  • large sofa-bed and much more

Silver Line Bootsvermietung GmbH
Main Harbour:
Hafen Demmin “Peene Marina”
Loitzer Str. 48
17109 Demmin

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