Rügen by bike 2.0

After finishing the first part of the Baltic Sea coast cycle path on Rügen we already were addicted to the rest of the tour on the east side of the Island!

Good morning, sleepyheads, off to the National Park with you it was said this morning. So we got half asleep on our bikes and started cycling. On a well paved path through the forest we slowly woke up and with the drone high above us, we could even see the Baltic Sea almost next to us.

Die Ostsee von oben © S.H. Witzel

The Baltic Sea from above on the coast of Rügen © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Jasmund National Park with the Königsstuhl

At Lohme we made a short stop at the Ranzow Castle, before we went into the fairy tale forest in the direction of Königsstuhl – across the Jasmund National Park. After arriving at the famous Königsstuhl, our eyes did not stop shining. With its chalk cliffs and old beech forests, the Königsstuhl is both a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you would like to know more about the origin and history, you can have this explained on site in the visitor centre.

Steilküste im Nationalpark Königsstuhl © S.H. Witzel

Steep coast in the Königsstuhl National Park © TMV/S.H. Witzel

After these impressive pictures, we continued over a historical, but bumpy pavement, to Prora, past Sassnitz with its harbour. In Prora our destination of the day was the youth hostel of the DJH (Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk – German Youth Hostel Association), which is located in the historic KdF complex. Unfortunately completely soaked, we arrived in Prora and first plundered the chocolate with which we were welcomed, before we let the day end in the dry. Of course it was perfect that there were possibilities for washing and drying. Just the thought of wet shoes the next day made us freeze.

Die Jugendherberge in Prora © DJH

The youth hostel in Prora directly on the beach © DJH

Mönchgut Peninsula

The rain this morning thwarted our plans and so we started from Prora a little later than planned and after having two coffees more than usual. A little tip on the side, who drives with rain poncho or rain cape, is clearly in the advantage. To the beautiful Baltic seaside resort Binz, it was not far to drive the way pleasantly.

The Baltic seaside resort Binz on Rügen © TMV/S.H. Witzel

From there we continued on forest paths to Sellin. If you are in the right place at the right time, you can welcome the “Rasender Roland” (website in German), as he is affectionately called by the Rügans.

Der "Rasende Roland" auf Rügen © S.H. Witzel

“Rasender Roland” on the Island of Rügen © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Arriving in Sellin, we left the bags in the apartment (website in German) while exploring the Mönchgut peninsula. Up to Göhren we went over dikes and meadows, past the fishing park Göhren, through a breathtaking forest, in which one could switch off wonderfully and enjoy the nature.

Der Ostseeküstenradweg durch den Wald bei Goehren © S. Weisbach

The Baltic Sea coastal cycle path through the forest near Goehren © TMV/S. Weisbach

From Göhren the path led us directly behind the dunes through forest, with countless ascents to the beach to take a short break. So we reached Thiessow at the tip of the peninsula, made a short stop and then made our way back. Again over the beautiful path behind the dunes, the last part led us via Baabe back to Sellin, where we enjoyed the last evening of our tour.

Putbus and Poseritz

It should rain again and so it was said this time, who drives earlier, gets less wet. So we stood right on time for breakfast to start the day stronger. We started from Sellin via meadows up and down towards Putbus. Who has time, short excursion to the hunting lodge Granitz (website in German), is recommended.

Jagdschloss Granitz bei Binz © S.H. Witzel

Hunting lodge Granitz near Binz © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Never seen a “house upside down”  (website in German) before? Then off on the tour with you, just before Putbus, you can watch this in Rügen’s largest indoor playground. In Putbus you will pass the landscape park Putbus, perfect for a short break. The paths are good to drive, but it should not rain, otherwise the slide is pre-programmed. From Poseritz we continued on a path across meadows back to the Rügen Bridge, where our tour should end for the week.
Of course we hadn’t made it without getting wet, but who knows, maybe we’ll be a few centimetres taller on the next stage.

You can download the GPX-track of this tour by clicking here.


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