Tick – Tock – Let’s get out of here

The game against time

The door closes … The countdown starts … Time is running out … Our small group finds itself in the narrow, dark living room of Great Aunt Muriel. She has passed away long ago but her mysterious fortune still is said to be hidden in the living room. We set out to find it by ourselves. Actually we don’t know the old lady at all, since we are in a Live Escape Room – more precisely in the Baltic Escape Rooms in Greifswald.

Great Aunt Muriel’s legacy causes a lot of trouble © Baltic Escape Rooms © Baltic Escape Rooms

Starting in Japan this trend of “Live Escape Games” spread rapidly all over the world. Even in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania you can now discover exciting adventure games. The principle behind the Escape Rooms is very simple, although not too simple in its execution. Within a given time some smaller tasks have to be solved within the group in order to uncover the big riddle at the end.

Why do people voluntarily put up with this stress? Well, to slip into the role of a detective yourself and feel like Sherlock Holmes or The Three Investigators. Back in the Escape Room in Greifswald we begin to scan the room systematically according these role models. We examine each object, open doors, drawers and boxes. We inspect everything from every angle. Trying to elicit meaning from even the smallest of conspicuities to find Muriel’s fortune.

If you want to experience this thrill as well we have picked out 5 spots for you in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

HCC Rostock

On the run from the Pharaoh’s curse – at HCC Rostock © HCC / Frank Hormann / nordlicht

With a total of 8 different rooms the HCC is the largest operator in MV. Thematically those Escape Rooms will take you into far distant worlds and ages. Escape the Pharaoh’s curse, track down Jack the Ripper or flee from the approaching nuclear catastrophe.

Industriestraße 10
18069 Rostock

The online reservation is highly recommended.

Baltic Escape Rooms

Can the attack by hacker Morpheus be defeated? © CC-0

Baltic Escape Rooms awaits you with three exciting rooms – two in Greifswald and one in Neubrandenburg. Besides searching for Muriel’s legacy it’s up to you to fend off a hacker attack at important utilities. In Neubrandenburg browse the beautiful but creepy workshop of a doll restorer for clues about the disappearance of its owner.

Herrenhufenstraße 7
17489 Greifswald

Nonnenhofer Straße 40
17033 Neubrandenburg

You can also make your reservations here

CryptoRaum Rostock


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von FOTOCUS (@fotocus_official) am

In addition to an indoor scenario in Viking-Style, CryptoRaum offers two authentic outdoor experiences. Over the course of 2 hours you will chase a diamond thief through the Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt of Rostock. Or follow the footsteps of an archaeologist from the 18th century – the information that comes to surface is believed to exceed the limits of your imagination.

Doberaner Straße 21
18057 Rostock

Circle of time Schwerin

Can you prove Horatius’ innocence? © circle of time GbR

So far two riddles can be solved by visitors of circle of time. Additional rooms are already in the planning stage. After a break-in into the exhibition about Leonardo Da Vinci in the Schweriner Museum it is your task to catch the thief and collect enough evidence. The second scenario sends you back in time to the 17th century – the period of the Inquisition. Abbot Horatius is being accused of heresy. It is upon you to prove his innocence before time runs out!

Lübecker Straße 53
19053 Schwerin

Mindescape Wismar


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A real kick is waiting for you! As ‘Beagle Boys’ you have exactly 60 minutes to get your hands on the gemstones in the vault. Hurry before the police arrives and snatches you! Also possible in Battle Mode against a second team.

Jahnstraße 17
23966 Wismar


After 60 minutes in the Baltic Escape Rooms in Greifswald my friends and I finally solved the mystery and found Great Aunt Muriel’s fortune. We didn’t become rich but we were proud that we could solve the puzzle. In our enthusiasm we decided to repeat the whole spectacle. But then with even more coordination and more consultations in between.


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