The most unusual water sports equipment in MV!

The summer is coming and we would like to introduce you to some water sports equipment that you will certainly find in MV. Have a look, try it out and then share your experience!

The choice is yours – either 3 knots speed under water or up to 30 knots above!



Diving with the submarine

Sounds unreal? No way! The Nemo 100 mini-submarine was specifically designed for tourist use and built so that you can have a perfect panorama and a 360° view.

This underwater boat can even be used for trips of up to 24 hours, but the actual dive is of course shorter. Everyone gets a little queasy in tight spaces, but when the submarine sinks you are surrounded by a certain peace. Anyway, the pilot will complete the experience with the surprises of the underwater world to give you some great highlights of your trip.

Either in Wismar or in Boltenhagen you can go under the water surface right into the Baltic Sea. And you can get further information with short videos on the homepage (website in German). For a better illustration of the dive, here is a brief summary of a visitor:


Speedsailing – sailing at high speed

Everyone knows what sailing is, but this is less about a relaxed weekend on a dinghy for two, but rather about teamwork on board, so that speeds of up to 55 km/h can be reached.

These are the sailing yachts of Speedsailing, which are located in Rostock harbour. These sailing yachts belong to the V.O. 60 class and all have sailed in the Volvo Ocean Race, where they have set some new world records.
For this amazing speed rush you don’t need to be able to sail, because you get a detailed briefing from the highly professional crew for every move on board. We can promise you that you will not forget this trip so soon. You will miss how the water whipped your face and you had to stand against the wind at full speed.


Sport speedsailing © speedsailing/Martin Kringel

Sailing at high speed © speedsailing/Martin Kringel


On your mark, get set, blubb!

“Quick guide: lay on the colourful floating sausage on the water, sing Rocket Man in your head and then wait to be catapulted into the air by the weight of one, two or three people.”
This is how the blubb, an air cushion on the water, works. It will be back at the Pangea Festival this year, allowing you travel back to your childhood. Make your own picture of the blubbing or even better – just try it out by yourself in August!


Blubbing diving at the Pangea festival

Blubbing at the Pangea festival © PJ Valentine

More information at: /



Freecamper – with the van on a raft

You want to go on a tour with your van or caravan, but also on the water with a raft? Why not doing both at the same time?

From the road straight onto the raft and enjoy your trip with your bus or RV. You can go on the freecamper in Berlin and then off to Müritz. Afterwards you can carry on your adventure towards the beach and the Baltic Sea on the street.

Take your van on the freecamper raft © Stelzer

With the van on a raft © Stelzer



For some kitesurfers this stylish kite is nothing new, but it is not yet available for rent all over Germany. Kitesurfing is a popular sport for many people and it has been a trend for many years.

If you would like to try something new in kitesurfing and still don’t know if it is the right thing for you, you should definitely give the hydrofoil a try.
This vehicle is a bit more challenging than the normal kiteboard, but it has its upsides in less wind. You can glide over the waves and get to different speeds. This directional kiteboard has a so-called sword with two wings that let you fly over the water surface! Not many kite schools offer hydrofoiling, but we alredy do on the Baltic Sea.


Foilboarding kitesurfing © Dan Petermann

Foilboarding © Dan Petermann

More information at: / /


The BunBo

The Bunbo – “BungalowBoat” is a floating wooden bungalow and hence a little more comfortable than a raft.

You can start your holiday on the Müritz or in the Ruppin waters without a driving licence. There is room for 4 to 6 people and the large terrace is perfect for chilling at every sunset.

Bungalow-boat on the Mecklenburg Lake Plateau

BunBo – Bungalow Boat © Aquare Charter GmbH


Did you already know the “Lütt Hütt” raft?

You can start your water tour directly in Rechlin on the river Müritz with this unusual houseboat. This way you will be quieter than with a motorboat and you can have a closer look at the nature. With the separate paddle wheels you control the Lütt Hütt and you can turn around even in the narrowest spaces, if you have become a little bit fringed.

Looking at the nature from the Lütt Hütt raft © Woterfitz

Lütt Hütt raft© Woterfitz


Solar catamaran

Only a few hours or the whole day?
With the solar catamaran (website in German) you can sail along the river Peene with up to 8 friends all day long and don’t worry, you won’t run out of fuel. Even ifthe sun will not be shining, the solar catamaran will have enough energy.

After a short briefing you will start at Kummerower See and you can drive along the river Peene towards the Hanseatic city of Demmin.

If you are up for a picnic during the trip, we will give you a table on board. Almost soundless, you can enjoy a relaxed day with friends and chill in the sun with the delicacies you brought yourself.

Environment-friendly solar catamaran © Abenteuer Peenetal

Solar catamaran © Abenteuer Peenetal


On the road with the “Glass kayak”

You would like to go on a canoe trip with friends, but the water is still too cold to go diving? Then you should try the glass kayak with its crystal clear views of the underwater world.
The kayaks have a 30 x 60 centimetre glass panel in the bottom, which surprises you with the diversity of Mecklenburg’s lakes and rivers. For this the “Kanu-Mühle Wesenberg“offers the perfect individual tours on the Mecklenburg Lake District.

Underwater world view with the glass kayak © Kanu Mühle

Glass kayak © Kanu Mühle


More fun and action sports at our MVnow website

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