Surf spots on the Baltic Coast

Sometimes good things are right in front of you. If you want to surf, you usually have exotic long-distance destinations in mind, but the Mecklenburg Baltic Sea coast from Rostock to Zingst offers a large selection of ingenious surf spots that conjure up a broad grin on the face of kitesurfers, surfers, windsurfers, skimboarders and stand up paddlers. The best thing is: Whether wind or no wind, all water sports enthusiasts will find their favourite spot on the Baltic Sea!
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Surfspot at the beach of Warnemünde

Kitesurfen am Spot Warnemünde © TMV/

Kitesurfing in Warnemünde © TMV/

The beach of Warnemünde is the meeting point for kitesurfers, skimboarders, surfers and sun worshippers. The newly built beach arena is the new place-to-be for all water sports lovers who like white sandy beaches and a cool atmosphere. There is a private pool where you can try skimboarding – provided there is no wind, because then better head off on the water for kitesurfing! Warnemünde is also a good choice if you have non-surfing people with you. In the numerous beach bars, shops and in the cosy city centre you will certainly not get bored.

Surfshops und Surfschulen in Warnemünde:
If you want to shop for cool surf clothes or surf equipment, then you are in good hands in the shop of HW Shapes (website in German). With Hannes you can also get an individually designed skimboard!

At the beach of Warnemünde you can enjoy the most beautiful sundowner in the Supremesurf Beachhouse. The boys and girls at the Beachhouse can also give you insider tips on when it is the best time to surf the ferry wave. The wave occurs every two hours when the Scandinavian ferry enters the harbour.

Accommodation tip in Warnemünde

DOCK INN Hostel © TMV/

DOCK INN Hostel © TMV/

Boulderhalle im DOCK INN © TMV/

Boulder hall in the DOCK INN © TMV/

Germany’s first container hostel, the DOCK INN, opened in spring 2017 and consists of discarded sea containers. From a double room to an 8-people-dorm you will find a cool accommodation with its own bouldering hall. The hotel’s own surf bus will take you to the surf beach of Warnemünde.

Stand Up Paddling in Rostock

Stand-Up-Paddle Runde mit Supremesurf © TMV/

Stand-Up-Paddling with Supremesurf © TMV/

The Warnow in Rostock with its small side arms, which have such sounding names as “Little Venice”, can be explored perfectly with the Stand Up Paddle Board. If you dare, you can even paddle from Rockstock to Warnemünde – depending on your ability and condition you have to plan between two and four hours. Stand Up Paddling is mainly suitable on windless days, as paddling against the wind can be quite strenuous.

If you don’t have your own SUP yet, you are welcome to contact Supremesurf, which is located next to the AIDA headquarters in Rostock. The surf shop has a range of high quality rental boards and you can enter the Warnow directly at the jetty next to the shop. The SUP boards can be rented by the hour or by the day. If you want to rent boards at the weekend, you should reserve in advance!


Stadtpaddeln in den Rostocker Gräben © TMV/

Paddling in the trenches of Rostock © TMV/

Supremesurf Rostock also offers guided tours – this makes sense especially for SUP beginners to gain a bit of safety for future tours.

Beside SUP’s your surfer’s heart will beat in the largest Surfshop of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, if you examine the shelves.

Kitespot Saal – Fischland-Darss-Zingst

Bei Flaute an der Winch - Kitespot Saal © TMV/

In calm at the Winch – Kitespot Hall © TMV/

You want to learn kitesurfing? Kitesurfing is not a sport you should teach yourself. A course at a good kite school makes sense, so that you know the safety rules and the basics of kitesurfing. The Kitespot Saal at the Saaler Bodden on Fischland-Darss-Zingst is the perfect kitesurfing area for beginners. The lagoon is shallow and warm, there are no waves and the two surf schools on site ensure that you learn kitesurfing safely.

You can also stay directly at the kitespot with the camper or the VW bus for a fee. You should book the courses at the surf schools Kitemafia and Supremesurf in advance, because in the high season they are quickly booked up. What happens if, for once, no wind blows at the Saaler Bodden? Then you can discover the huge lagoon while standing up paddling or the kite instructors can practice the water start with a winch – a kind of pull rope like in wakeboarding. A kite course lasts about 3 to 5 days – depending on the wind conditions on site.

Surfing and kitesurfing in Zingst

Surfspot Fischland-Darß-Zingst © TMV/

Surfspot Fischland-Darß-Zingst © TMV/

The Fischland-Darss-Zingst region offers a number of other spots in addition to the kitespot on the Saaler Bodden. The Surf and Kite Club Zingst is located at beach crossing 6 in Zingst. Here you will find the sports beach of Zingst and enjoy every type of water sports enthusiasm. At the Surf and Kite Club you can park your car for a fee, but you can also stay overnight with the motorhome or the VW bus. From bed-to-board, sort of!

Depending on the wind, the sports beach offers top conditions for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing or even stand up paddling on the sea. Due to the small Baltic Sea waves the challenge is a bit higher than on the shallow lagoon, but even more fun. As a surfing beginner you have the possibility to ride the first white water waves in Zingst during a surf course and to gain experience.

Wellensurfkursam Strand © TMV/

Surfing lessons on the beach © TMV/

Event tip – Festivals for surfers on the Baltic Sea coast

Pangea Festival in Pütnitz © TMV/PJ Valentine

Pangea Festival in Pütnitz © TMV/PJ Valentine

What would the summer months be without festivals where you can meet like-minded people, listen to cool bands and maybe have a surfing session or two? The festivals “ZUPARKEN” (website in German), “PANGEA” and, most recently, “SEABORN” (website in German) take place around Rostock, which are among the summer highlights for surfers and bulli lovers.

And when are you planning your next surf trip to the Baltic Sea?

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