Successful Start-Ups in MV!

MV is known for its diversity of nature and especially for the Baltic Sea coast. But we still have a lot to offer! A few smart people from the region have successfully founded their own start-up and are focusing on quality and regionality! In the following we will show you which companies you should definitely know and are worth supporting:

Treibholz Boards


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The brand Treibholz stands for handmade boards and fair produced fashion from Northern Germany – “from the coast, to the coast, for the coast”. The guys from Treibholz handcrafte longboards, wakeboards and kiteboards from local woods themselves. In addition to the online shop, Treibholz markets its products in the old town of Stralsund. The fashion consists of 100% organic cotton and is fair-trade certified.

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Windflüchter Surfboards

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Individuality is highlighted at Windflüchter Surfboards! Just as trees at the coast are marked by strong winds, Windflüchter boards are exactly adapted to your needs and demands. On the travel of searching the biggest and best waves in Europe and Africa, Lutz Graichen met Ulf Landwehr in Portugal. In years of experience, Ulf produced prototypes, team rider boards and custom boards for the firm Fanatic. Lutz learned a lot about building handmade sandwich boards and finally founded his own company Windflüchter Surfboards in Rostock in 2009. Since then, he is constantly working on further developments of his boards, also in cooperation with team riders of the German surf scene.

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HW-Shapes Skimboards


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All we do is custom – that is the motto of HW Shapes. Next to the own production of skimboards, HW Shapes runs a versatile surfshop in Rostock – Warnemünde, as well as online. For more than 7 years the company has been manufacturing individualized skimboards with foam core or wooden core. You can choose between Waveskim, Sandskim or Hybridskimboard – in all cases, the board is completely adapted to your needs, your weight, area of application and skills. Due to HW Shapes’ own love for surfing, the team of 7  water enthusiasts offers top know-how in kitesurfing, surfing, skimboarding and longboarding. A selected assortment of material but also surfwear is available in Rostock and online.

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Now that the equipment from MV is ready to surf – Pia and Marie from DeafVentures are starting an extraordinary kite school! The two founders got to know each other on the beautiful Ummanz peninsula and in 2017, they had the idea of offering water sports for deaf. Directly implemented, DeafVentures was born: in various kite camps on Ummanz in the beautiful region of MV, but also in Portugal and on Belitung Island, an Indonesian island, numerous kite courses for deaf people are offered throughout the year.

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Sauna 2 Drive

Sauna2Drive auf dem Zuparken Festival © Dan Petermann

If you want to be really pampered after the whole sport, you should take a closer look at Sauna2Drive. Saunas – at your favourite place. Not possible? Sauna2Drive offers barrel saunas on trailers for up to 12 persons. Either you pick them up yourself or Sauna2Drive takes your sauna to a place of your choice. The barrel saunas are heated with a wood stove so that no electricity is needed.

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Since 2014, the original online marketing managers, Thorsten and Martin, have been producing high-quality, regional spirituous beverages with great passion. And they do so quite successful. Since 2016, the start-up company Männerhobby from Bentwisch has won countless prizes worldwide. The FOERSTERs Heide Gin is particularly often awarded. The founders’ recipe of success: they fully support their project and support their company every day with heart and soul.

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Many start-ups have already settled in MV. The scene is constantly growing and young entrepreneurs are setting up their own businesses. The economy is boosted and MV has an ever wider range of exciting offers. You know even more cool start-ups from MV? Then write them in the comments!

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