Sea kayak adventure on the Baltic Coast

Kayak, canoe or sea kayak – there are some differences and this time we proved our sea kayak ability.

Abenteuer-Peenetal Camp © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Abenteuer-Peenetal Camp © TMV/S.H. Witzel

For this we drove to the Peene to Verchen to Abenteuer-Flusslandschaft and met the “Peene beaver” Frank with whom a weekend trip to Usedom was planned. Frank has been an experienced kayak tour guide for years and a well-known adventurer in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Introduction and equipment

Kajakauswahl © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Choice of kayaks © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Letzte Erläuterungen vor dem Start © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Last explanations before starting © TMV/S.H. Witzel

On the spot you will get an introduction to handling, steering, getting in and out and equipment of the different kayaks. Different kayaks are offered and you can choose the right one for you. This includes dry runs and how to get in and out of a kayak.

Test drive

Testrunde mit den Kajaks auf der Peene © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Practicing with the kayak on the Peene river TMV/S.H. Witzel

Before going to the lagoon “Achterwasser” between Usedom and the mainland or the Baltic Sea, a test drive is made to get accustomed to the Peene. You’ll get the latest advice and clues. For example you are shown, what to do if you capsize or how to drive the wave. A tour on the 175 km long Peene alone is worthwhile for this excursion.

Start of the trip

Vorbereitung mit dem Seekajak für die Ostsee © Abenteuer-Flusslandschaft

Sea kayak preparation for the Baltic Sea © Abenteuer-Flusslandschaft

If you feel safe and everything fits you start your tour directly from the adventure Peene valley or the whole equipment is loaded and it goes off to Usedom. Arrived on Usedom, you will be explained the area and you will get the last refreshment. Now you can finally start into the Baltic Sea! If it is too wavy, the tour will take place in shallower water allowing the tour guides to always keep an eye on you.

Ab auf die Ostsee mit dem Seekajak © Abenteuer-Flusslandschaft

Off to the Baltic Sea by sea kayak © Abenteuer-Flusslandschaft

In the evening we have to leave and return to the camp in Verchen. We can recommend an overnight stay before and after. Simply pack the tent and set it up on site. So you don’t have any arrival and departure stress.

Seekajak-Tour mit dem "Peenebiber" Frank © TMV/S.H. Witzel

See kayak tour with “Peene beaver” Frank © TMV/S.H. Witzel

If you don’t want to go on a tour along the Baltic Sea coast, you can also drive up the Peene towards Demmin. There you come to the Kummerower See and further across Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania or just have a look at the offered course dates.


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