Schwerin in two days – there is a lot going on!

This time, after an exploration of the state capital Schwerin, Annemarie from the blog has tested the cultural and historical highlights for you.

Oh, Schwerin. Such a beautiful spot. Not only can you stroll through dreamy alleys along historic half-timbered houses and walk or relax around one of the 12 lakes in Schwerin: there is even a fairytale castle. What else could you ask for? Maybe a little excitement and culture? That is why I went in cooperation with the TMV for two wonderful days to explore the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Das Schweriner Schloß © TMV/

The castle of Schwerin © TMV/

As I have spent many summers here, I know Schwerin quite well. And when you’re so familiar with a place, you take many things for granted or don’t even examine them anymore. But you can also miss a lot. Therefore I packed my program pretty full with things that tourists would do as well. Let’s see if I’d learn anything new.


Relax during the day and take a time travel in the evening

First of all I decided to take it slow, because I know a lot of people in the city and of course they had to be visited first. For lunch I tried a typical Mecklenburg dish with potatoes and dried plums in the Potato House No1, walked through the shopping streets around the Schlosspark-Center and got some delicious cake from the Rothe pastry shop at the market.

In the evening I went on a night walk, where I learned a lot about the life of a night guardian in the past (the tour guide was suitably dressed). The tour is great if you have a great interest in history and old times and it goes about an hour and a half.

Die Nachtwächterführung durch Schwerin © TMV/

The night watchman walks around Schwerin © TMV/

Walking through the old city centre is mandatory, but it becomes even more fun when you set a destination (and preferably a time limit) and rent a geo-caching device from the tourist information office at the market. This is available from 10€ and you can share it very easily. In addition to that, there is a puzzle booklet, which one must take out and decrypt at the marked places in the device.

Geocachingtour durch die Innenstadt von Schwerin © TMV/

Geocachingtour around the city centre of Schwerin © TMV/


With taste through the alleys and on the roofs

Maybe it was me, but I thought things were pretty tricky. (Try for example to count the different beards at the old museum). There are altogether six different tours, which one can make and since I still had some planned, I decided to go for the small trace search, which took about two hours. After I got the solution set out, I was even allowed to choose a small prize from the treasure chest in the tourist information.

Die Kuppel vom Schweriner Schloß & die Schweriner Innenstadt © TMV/

The dome of Schwerin Castle & Schwerin city centre © TMV/travelonthebrain.netThen we went back to the castle, because I wanted to take the guided tour from the cellar to the dome, where we get a glimpse behind the scenes of the castle and the parliament of MV. Bu the most interesting experience has been to literally climb up to the roof and wave down from the striking equestrian statue to the amazed faces and then dash down the medieval spiral stairs all the way to the cellar.

Othello Vorführung im Schweriner Staatstheater © Silke Winkler

Othello performance at the Schwerin City Theatre © Silke WinklerThe evening ended with an outdoor play. Schwerin is known for its summer festival (I saw La Traviata with the sunset in front of the castle – great goosebumps feeling) and I was allowed to be part of Shakespeare’s Othello at the Domhof. That may have been weird, but it was really entertaining and skillfully modernised. In short, my short visit to Schwerin was a complete success and I didn’t even see everything!

Did you already know the Schwerin´s island of love?

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