Rügen by bike 1.0

Off to the island was the motto for the third stage and so it went from Stralsund further around Rügen. 280km should we master, surely no problem for us, right?


Over the bridge, the path led directly along the water through meadows and forests accompanied by the wind (hair ties are sometimes worth gold) passing Rambin.

Ostseeküstenradwegbei Rambin © Sarah Weisbach

Baltic Sea Cycle Route bei Rambin © Sarah Weisbach

While the farmers were doing their fields, we pedaled towards Ummanz, took regional honey with us at a small stand along the road and went to the peninsula. Always along the coast, we landed at the Surfhostel Ummaii (website in German), which will inspire everyone with its well-known tree house. The kitesurfers had perfect conditions, which meant for us: Pedalling, the wind always comes from the front.

Kitespot auf Ummanz in der Nähe vom Ummaii Surfhostel © S.H. Witzel

Kite spot on Ummanz near Ummaii Surfhostel © S.H. Witzel

After a short stop at Café Ummanz (website in German) in Waase, a converted pastor’s barn, we made the remaining way from there to Gingst.

A small but sweet town, where we came back later for dinner. Since we stayed overnight in Kluis, in the “Hof Kranichstein” (website in German), we drove the short distance there quickly and put our legs up for the time being, from where we should continue tomorrow.

Kap Arkona

After a good breakfast, it was time to go on. The first section is good to drive, but means road. A little tip for families, maybe you better find an alternative for this part. Fighting against the wind – even I from the south no longer laugh – was the first stop Schaprode, from where the ferry translates for a day trip to Hiddensee (website in German). For us it went on immediately and we took the smaller variant, the ferry to the peninsula Wittow.

Wittower Fähre © S.H.Witzel

Ferry to Wittow © S.H.Witzel

Arrived over there, we walked through a breathtaking green forest along the water to Dranske. From there we worked our way up to Cape Arkona, with countless stops, since the view became more beautiful every time and I did get off to be astonished every time.

Das Kap Arkona an der Steilküste von Rügen © S.H. Witzel

Cape Arkona at the steep coast of Rügen © S.H. Witzel

At Cape Arkona (website in German), a rock plateau with a height of 45m in the north of Rügen, one finds two lighthouses (you can even get married in the Schinkel tower), as well as several restaurants and souvenir shops, and a café for a small break.

Leuchturm am Kap Arkona © S.H. Witzel

Light house at Kap Arkona © S.H. Witzel

Afterwards we continued towards Breege, on a good cycle path through the forest with obstacles, also known as pedestrians. Breege, we went to the harbour. We got a tip for dinner and would like to pass on the insider tip to you. If you like fish, make sure to take you to “Zur kleinen Hafenräucherei” (small harbour smokehouse, website in Geman) in the Dorfstraße and end the day there.

You can download the GPX-track of our tour by clicking here.

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