Rafting Holidays in Schwerin

The adventure on the lakes in “MeckPomm”

Why travel far into the distance when you can experience adventures on lakes and rivers in Germany…

Therefore we decided to get to know Schwerin in a different way despite little sunshine but rather warm temperatures. Everyone knows the typical sightseeing tours and travel guides – we ourselves were also in Schwerin more often, but this time we wanted to get to know something different and new. COOL – there are rafts that you can rent in Schwerin.

Without hesitation the raft was rented and we got fantastic excursion tips on the spot. That’s when it started – we didn’t have enough time to explore everything. We decided for a tour with a short side trip into the Schwerin Outer Lake (“Außensee”), which was possible in one day.

Paulsdamm Schweriner Außensee © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

Paulsdamm at the Schweriner Außensee © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

The island Lieps would have been very interesting to stay overnight. A small, manageable island with possibilities to anchor in the shallow water and to cast out the rod for the evening meal.

On the raft is a cosy sleeping place for 6 adventurers. You will also get a camping toilet and barbecue on the spot. Thus you are almost like in a holiday apartment equipped with fresh wind.

Langer Graben in Schwerin © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

Langer Graben in Schwerin © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

Parallel to the main road, the “Langer Graben” leads to “Ziegelsee”. We realize why Schwerin is also known as the “City of the Seven Lakes & Forests”.

Anlegestelle am Speicher Hotel für einen Snack © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

Landing at the “Speicher Hotel” for a snack © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

At full speed through the Ziegelsee, we came to the inner lake after breakneck overtaking manoeuvres of barbecue boats. The next goal was a short stop at the hotel store for fresh “coffee to go” and we took a short break here. At this point you are almost in the city centre and you can see the Schwerin Cathedral and the Pfaffenteich from afar.

Das Schweriner Schloß von Seeseite © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

The Schwerin Castle © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

From there we continued to the Schwerin Inner Lake and with throttled engine past the water police towards Schweriner Schloß. From the water you can observe the Palace from a completely different angle and enjoy the view of the Marstall and Seglerheim (“sailor’s home”). The Seglerheim is recommended for a magnificent view of Lake Schwerin. If you like it a bit more cosy and rustic, you should definitely visit Angler II.

Relax? For sure…

Guter Ausblick aus dem Cockpit © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

Nice view from the Cockpit © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

On the way back it got a little warmer and we tested the crystal clear water. Our fifth, four-legged passenger, however, was not so enthusiastic about the fresh bath.

Entspannen am Heck © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

Relaxing at the rear © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

If you are not in possession of a motorboat licence, it will be issued to you on the spot, with instruction for the charter period.

Besides the island of Lieps, on the Schwerin Outer Lake, there is also the island of Kaninchen Werder on the Schwerin Inner Lake. It is a little bigger and also offers possibilities to dock. Next to it you will find the island Ziegelwerder, where you are not allowed to walk around.

If you already know Schwerin, but want to experience the capital from the water, taking a Rift tour would be a fantastic opportunity.


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