With raft and SUP on the Mecklenburg Lake District

Nature, adventure and lots of fun! We were allowed to experience this on the Mecklenburg Lake District.

Bina und Francis were on the water for us in Germany’s largest water sports area and had organized a stand-up-paddle board for the narrow waterways.

“We started at the “Kleiner Pälitzsee”. There we picked up our raft with which we cruised the next days over the lake landscape. Weeks before we were already looking forward to the tour with the raft which inspired us with its rustic charm. On the raft there are benches, chairs and a table. You can even build up a huge lying area in the wooden superstructure to spend the night directly in the raft. You are completely free and not dependent on campsites. A great feeling!

Ready to start our trip on the raft! © my-road.de

The raft ready to go! © my-road.de

After loading we start right away. The raft is easy to steer and it is extremely relaxing to glide so leisurely across the lake.

Soon we will face our first challenge: We must cross the first watergate. In front of the locks there is always a possibility to secure your boat with ropes. There you wait until the lock is free and the traffic light is green. Then you can enter the lock. But be careful so you don’t hit something. Luckily we made it right away and are already on the Labussee after a short time. Here we enjoy our lunch, sunbathe a little and soak up the peace far away from any civilization.

Entrance to the lake Labussee

Watergates to reach the Labussee © my-road.de

After some time we drive on to the Vilzsee, where we even discover a kingfisher. Finally we look for a nice place to anchor and relax in peace near the shore. After watching the sunset, we finally go to sleep.

Night accomodation on the raft © my-road.de

sleeping in a different way © my-road.de

The next morning the birds wake us up with their song. With sleepy eyes we look at the lake and can hardly believe in which wonderful scenery we woke up. We have breakfast and then we lift the anchor to continue to the north. Ducks, herons and coots cross our path.

Aerial view of the castle of Mirow © my-road.de

Castle of Mirow © my-road.de

In the afternoon we reach Mirow, where we visit the beautiful castle and grill on the shore in the evening.

With a SUP Paddle through a narrow canal of the Zotzensee © my-road.de

Discovering narrow canals of the Zotzensee © my-road.de

We start a new day in a good mood. In a fishery we buy smoked fish for our dinner. Afterwards we drive back to the Zotzensee, which we crossed the day before. Small waterways leave the lake but we can’t explore them with our raft. For this we have got Stand Up Paddling Boards before with which we now set off into the interior of the forests. On the lakes we met again and again other boats. But here we were completely alone. We enjoy the isolation and listen to nature.

Animal world of the Mecklenburg Lake District

Herons in the Mecklenburg Lake District © my-road.de

On our return on the raft I decide to go swimming and do a few laps in the lake. The water offers a welcome cooling. But meanwhile the stomach growls and it is time to eat something.

After lunch we drive back to Diemitz where we have to return our SUP boards. We notice that we still have some time left and so we take the opportunity to climb the SUP boards again and glide over the water at the Great Peetschsee. It’s a lot of fun but you have to concentrate well to avoid falling into the water.

Relaxing evenings on the raft © my-road.de

Relaxation for the evening on the Labussee © my-road.de

In the evening we hand in the SUP boards and look for a place on the Labussee where we can spend the night. Actually we wanted to sleep directly on the lake again but then we discover a place on the shore where we can attach our raft directly to a tree. We found a dreamlike lonely place for the night. All around us is nature, not a soul comes here and we look directly at the sunset. Here we feel like in paradise!

Aerial view of the Castle mirow and the Lake District © my-road.de

Castle Mirow in the middle of the lake district © my-road.de

Unfortunately we have to return our raft the next morning. But we had a fantastic time. If you want to get away from it all the Mecklenburgische Kleinseenplatte is just the place for you! Here you are far away from all your daily pressures.”

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