Pilot for a day – the control stick is all yours!

Did you know that you can fly a plane over Mecklenburg-Vopommern and along the Baltic Sea on your own without a license? Me neither! So I called, made an appointment and checked out the best weather.

That’s why we were out and met with ostseeflug.com for this stunning, unique experience.


Arrival at the airport Rostock-Laage

Ankunft am Airport Rostock-Laage © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

Airport Rostock-Laage © TMV/Witzel

To be a “pilot for a day” you have to go to the airport Rostock-Laage which can be reached quickly by car or bus. You can’t get lost on site because the Airport Rostock-Laage is very clear.


First Theory

Theory for the future pilot © TMV/Witzel

At the beginning you get a detailed introduction to the airspace, weather conditions, aircraft technology and the aircraft with its instruments. A bit much at once but so you get a rough overview of what is part of a pilot training.


Security Check

Security Check to the Runway © TMV/Witzel

Even if you are not flying to Brazil or Australia, a security check is just as important as a scheduled flight. So jingle on the tape and through.
The tension rises as soon as you walk parallel to the runway in the direction of the air hangar.


Briefing at the Plane

Security Check at the Plane © TMV/Witzel

Then it starts directly and while the plane is made ready to take off you get the multiplication table of a small engine single propeller aircraft at the object.

Instruction of the Cockpit © TMV/Witzel


Departure towards Baltic Sea Coast

The Baltic Sea Coast at Warnemünde © TMV/Witzel

After the last safety and function check is the take off. The flight instructor will give you the first tips and after the first few minutes you will be the captain. Almost until landing you can arrange your own sightseeing flight over Mecklenburg-Vorpommern completely on your own.
If you are lucky you can see the Eurofighters take off and land – they use the same runway as the scheduled airlines.

Sunset at the Baltic Coast © TMV/Witzel



View of the runway © TMV/Witzel

After landing and parking in the hangar you will receive a small evaluation and a certificate for your spectacular flight.

I really enjoyed it and I’m already dealing for the second flight hour!

Flughafenstraße 1
18299 Laage
038454 21125


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