Breathtaking trip with SUP and houseboat on the Mecklenburg Lake District!

The weekend looks sunny! What are we doing? mhmmm, why not travelling in the Mecklenburg Lake District.

So we looked up for some houseboats to charter and here you can find the two big ones: Kuhnle-Tours and Locaboat. We decided to book a Locaboat… and on Friday noon we headed directly to Fleesensee, where Locaboat has one of its stations.

Sunset at lake Fleesensee/Mecklenburg Lake Plateau with the houseboat © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Fleesensee with the houseboat © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Everything was packed up and the Stand-Up-Paddle boards were a must! Small briefing for us and if you do not have a motorboat licence, the briefing takes a little longer and you will receive a “charter licence” for the booked period.

Entrance of the harbour of Waren at the Müritz lake © TMV/S.H. Witzel

The harbour of Waren at the Müritz © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Short weekend and too much to see. Despite this we wanted to see the Müritz and Waren from the water and went there for a short detour. Waren has a very nice harbour and there are many possibilities for a snack. Those who are also interested in Germany’s inland waters should definitely visit the Müritzeum with Germany’s largest freshwater aquarium.

With the boat between the Müritz and the Plauer lake © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Through the canals between the lakes Müritz and Plauer © TMV/S.H. Witzel

After the little visit to Waren we already had to think about where we would stay the first night. Nancy from Locaboat Station had recommended Lake Jabel to us. So off from the Müritz over the Kölpinsee and to the Jabelscher See. Shortly before nightfall we arrived over there and had got electricity in short hand.

Perfect starry night at the Jabelscher Lake © Martin Behrns

The sky full of stars at the Jabelscher Lake © Martin Behrns

What you will find here rather than in the big cities are the fantastic evenings with free starry skies. It is quiet and there is hardly any light around it which makes the evenings fantastic.

A beautiful view from the harbour © Martin Behrns

The night at the harbour of the Jabelscher Lake © Martin Behrns

With the boat at the "Circle Bridge in Malchow © TMV/S.H. Witzel

The “Circle Bridge” in Malchow © TMV/S.H. Witzel

The next day our goal was to go to Malchow with the historic swing bridge, which only opens once every hour in the high season. The centre of Malchow is located on a small island which makes it so charming. And if you want to have some fun you can sit down at the swing bridge in one of the terrace cafes and count the nice boats that don’t pass the swing bridge cleanly 😉

With the SUP Board through the canals © TMV/S.H. Witzel

With Stand-Up-Paddle Board paddling through the canals © TMV/S.H. Witzel

On the way to the Plauer See we have to go through some canals and directly take the chance to take our SUP’s for a walk. Ideal for attaching yourself with the SUP to the back of the boat

Visiting the Müritz fishermen

At the Müritz fishing men © TMV/S.H. Witzel

As a lunch snack we wanted to visit the Müritz fishermen of whom everyone raves. Arrived at the guest boat parking place we all decided to eat a fish roll and fresh smoked fish has already something!

Wonderful light in the bay© Martin Behrns

perfect place to anchor in a bay © Martin Behrns

We decided to stay the rest of the day and the night in a bay on the Petersdorfer See. Here are designated places for anchoring and therefore do not harm nature.

Cooking dinner in the boat © TMV/S.H. Witzel

preparation for dinner © TMV/S.H. Witzel

The kitchen of the houseboat has everything to offer: Stove and oven with gas and a big fridge which is operated with the big board battery as well as the boat’s own heating – awesome!

Time to have dinner with a view on the bay

Dinnertime © TMV/S.H. Witzel

The weather was getting better and better and so we had a fantastic evening for dinner, a SUP tour and a visit to the neighbours who also decided to go on a houseboat tour this weekend.

Locaboat houseboat  © TMV/S.H. Witzel

The Houseboat of Locaboat © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Locaboat offers different sizes, so you can plan a trip in pairs, with your family or even in larger groups. We were quite spontaneous with the booking and had a lot of space with 5 on the boat. We are already planning the next trip but then for more than only 3 days!

You can find more details about the provider at

Locaboat holidays
Tel:     +49 761 207370


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