Like Huckle Berry Finn on the Mecklenburg Lake District

Summer with lots of sun light – A raft trip without a driving license

With the beautiful weather Johannes Klaus from was in the mood for discovery. Therefore he decided to take a short trip to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and explore the region around the Müritz with a raft.
Here he tells us about his little raft adventure, which has now also inspired us and makes us want more.

On the road with Tom Sawyer tours

Huckleberry Finn, the boy who lives the ultimate freedom in Marc Twain’s adventure story around Tom Sawyer and drives with his raft on the slow Mississippi – I want to emulate him! Escaping the constraints of civilization for a while. As a Berliner I have it close by: The Mecklenburg Lake District is the perfect spot for every raft adventurer. Off to MV!

No idea how to operate a raft? Well, then you are like me. But it’s no problem, you don’t need a boat license and in a few minutes everything important will be told you and the raft handed over. The small outboard runs warm, the supplies are stowed away and then it leaves!

Hand am Steuer vom Floß © TMV /

Hand at the wheel of the raft © TMV / reisedepeschen.deOn the raft is a small hut, and the helmsman’s spot is also here. One table, two benches, two anchors and four wooden chairs on the deck – nothing more is required for a real adventurer!

Floß rastet am Ufer der Havel © TMV /

Raft rests on the banks of the Havel © TMV / reisedepeschen.deStarting at the Campingpark Havelberge we anchored soon in the Woblitzsee, in a small bay. For all this time I wanted to jump into the water, and now let’s get in… awesome! Raft explorers passing by, two boys and two girls (chilling on the roof in the sun) challenge us to a little race, and of course we won’t say no! Which raft will be the faster? Who´s going to “drift” to the lock first? Here on the lake there is enough space for a head to head race with our 5 HP engines. Sometimes only a few centimeters separated us from the others. We gave everything – and were the first to enter the canal triumphantly!

Fahrt mit dem Floß den Fluß hinauf © TMV /

Rafting up the river © TMV / reisedepeschen.deBut what do you do by a lock? Never made it before? Yeah, me neither.

In front of the lock there are some poles on the shore to which the raft is attached as long as the lock is closed. When the traffic light turns green, it is important to navigate forward as confidently as possible and to pull a rope through the metal bars at the edge of the lock. While the water is draining or closing, the raft can be stabilized without overturning!

Blick in die Natur der Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte vom Floß © TMV /

View into the nature of the Mecklenburg Lake District from the raft © TMV / reisedepeschen.deWe have to stop our little race in the narrow tributary of the Havel in order not to obstruct the oncoming traffic, and not to disturb the plants and animals on the shore.

Überdachte Holzbrücke über die Havel © TMV /

Wooden roofed bridge over the Havel river © TMV / reisedepeschen.deSlowly we sail down the river, and I see what is so special about such a raft: The water is so close! Only a few inches separates us from it. That’s how quiet it is here and the mobile phone says “No network – only emergency calls”.

Floß am Ufer vertaut © TMV /

Raft on the shore tucked away © TMV / reisedepeschen.deThe dawn is coming, and we´re throwing ropes around a tree on the shore. Its boughs are rising on our deck, as wild as in a branch of the Mississippi, I think. The other raft joined in. We let the beer bottles pop, stew fresh sausages on the stove, and except for a few ducks and a spider or two we are completely alone. No lights far and wide, just the stars above us.

It gets romantic – what happens on the raft stays on the raft. Good night!

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