Last-minute gifts

Still haven’t found the perfect gift for family and friends? No reason to get panicky. We did some thinking for you and maybe you will find just the right thing on this list! 😉

Sailing on the Baltic Sea


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At the Hanse Sail in Rostock you can sail to the horizon in a cheesy way. You can hire on schooners, boats, barges, yachts and all sorts of other floating vessels.

Aside from this maritime mega event you can also set sail. Charter and Sail offers a wide range of different tours: one day and 7-day trips, surf sailing tours, trips to Denmark and catamaran or yacht tours for groups. Special nautical skills are not required. A sailing trip thus is wonderfully suitable for everyone – especially of course for friends of seafaring and the oceans!

Störtebeker Festspiele & Pirate Open Air Grevesmühlen

Störtebeker Festspiele on the Island of Rügen © TMV/Grundner

Again and again a highlight and every year a different tale is presented at the Störtebeker Festspielen in Ralswiek on Rügen and at the Piraten Open Air in Grevesmühlen. Pure action, excitement and adventure for both young and old. Why not give away tickets for such a special event?

Festival tickets


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Already in November the ticket sales of the festivals in MV have begun and slowly the line-ups will be released. How about a ticket for a friend you would like to dance with throughout the night?

The Festival Season 2019 in MV at one glance

Windsurf course / Kitesurf course / Wave surfing course


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Perhaps not give away the entire course, but a trial lesson should be a good start! Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has plenty of surf schools in the countryside and on the Baltic coast. Wave surf-courses will be guaranteed in Warnemünde when the ferry wave arrives on time every two hours and kisses the beach of Warnemünde. You can find all surf schools and spots HERE!

Escape Room

Escaping from the Pharaoh’s Curse at HCC Rostock © HCC / Frank Hormann / nordlicht

One team. One room. And 60 minutes left to escape. Together you have to gather clues in order to assemble the proverbial puzzle. That’ s a whole lot of fun with friends or family and a great idea as a shared gift!

We have already put together a list of the best escape room adventures in MV. Have a look!

Up in the Air

Hot-air balloon – Want a relaxing tour through the heights? This alternative to sightseeing flights is an excellent gift. If you prefer a sightseeing flight with helicopter or airplane, then we have listed all providers for you HERE.

Pilot for a day – A sightseeing flight alone is not sufficient? You know someone who would like to operate the control stick themself? Well, with it’s possible. We’ve already had a try and love it! The report can be found HERE.

Flight simulator – Once be the pilot of a Boeing 737-800 … 210° panoramic view with 24,000 destinations to choose from. Sounds good, doesn’t it? And you don’t even have to leave the safe ground for this experience. At the flight simulator in Rostock you can control the aircraft by yourself!

Interactive tour through the museum


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Boring, old and dusty, as if… A visit at the museum can be anything but boring. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has some great and interactive museums to offer, which will take their visitors on a little journey into other worlds. You will experience physical phenomena as well as wonders of technology and nature – try it all out! Or challenge each other at the Flipper in Schwerin! Here is our top selection:

Sledge dog tour


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Be it winter or summer – with the sledge dogs from Aurorakennell in Neu Benthen you can have fun all year round.

Skiing hall Wittenburg


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Three days on the ice in Wittenburg makes a “non-ice lover” like me longing for spring and salty snow! 😜 #saltbae

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Many people take advantage of the warm-up in the skiing hall before they head off into the skiing holidays. In case you shouldn’t have time for vacation, a short excursion to the Alpincenter Wittenburg is your ideal alternative. Why don’t you surprise your friends with a special gift?

Overnight stay from 60,- Euro

Hohe Dühne Pramort auf dem Darß - Zingst © TMV/Allrich

Hohe Dühne Pramort on Fischland-Darß-Zingst © TMV/Allrich

Many hotels do have special offers in winter at a reasonable price and in MV you can get a double room including breakfast for only 60,- Euro! Don’t you think so? Well, then click HERE and book a bargain!



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You can already start diving in winter, but for frostbites this is also possible all year round. Not only in the Mecklenburg Lake District – you can even explore the water starting directly from the beach. You can find a list of the major diving bases under “Fun-. Trend- and Action-Sports“.



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Just pulls the rug out from under your feet! Skydiving is becoming increasingly popular and after a short briefing you can even take off. There is also the option to land directly on the beach of the Baltic Sea coast. The view up to Denmark, Wismar and Rügen at the same time is yours!

Quad tour

#quadtour Ein von Dominik Weiß (@doomiiiiiiii) gepostetes Foto am

Rather than riding a horse, you can also explore the countryside in MV with a quad. You can either go on a guided quad tour or take a parcours on site.


Not the right one yet? Have a look here:

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