Kühlungsborn active – dive, roll & take off

Yvonne from JustTravelous was on the road for us in Kühlungsborn and tried out action-packed adventures. You can read her report about these exciting days and you can find a small video clip here.


Weg am Strand zum Tauchgang © TMV / JustTravelous.com

Over the beach straight to the diving spot © TMV / JustTravelous.com

You won´t forget your first time in the Baltic Sea so quickly. Why? (spoiler alert): it is freezing cold and at the same time fascinatingly beautiful. I am more of a hot tub diver, Bali is one of my favourite dive sites and I am somehow looking forward to my 100th dive, which you are supposed to do naked. Formerly. It’s not likely to happen in the Baltic Sea, though. But Kühlungsborn had the honour to be my 50th dive. And it was really something special. There is already a small difference whether the water temperature is around 20°C or around 10°C… if only for the wetsuit. My diving guide Falko told me: “You need to put on the 7mm diving suit about as long as you will stay under water afterwards”.
And he was right. A bit awkward (the thicker the suit the more difficult the motor skills) we trudged about 30 minutes later through the fine sand of Kühlungsborn, the sun shone from the sky and I already got a little hot. The cool water seemed very tempting at that moment. But soon I realized in the water that diving in the Baltic Sea is a completely different game. The suit keeps me warm, but my face is freezing. And at the same time, I can’t get out of my astonishment. We are only a few meters deep (the deeper the colder, so we stay in quite shallow water) but it is a completely different world.
While the people on the beach are relaxing in the sun in the beach chairs, we dive past stones covered with shells and see starfish, floes and some other sea creatures. I will definitely dive in the Baltic Sea again – next time I want to see one of the many wrecks off the coast – but maybe in summer or early autumn when the water is at least a little warmer.

Tauchgang in Kühlungsborn

Abtauchen mit der Tauchbasis Baltic © TMV / JustTravelous.com

Segway tour

Segwaytour Richtung Leuchturm Bastorf © TMV / JustTravelous.com

Segwaytour Richtung Leuchturm Bastorf © TMV / JustTravelous.com

Segways are not only a means of transportation for lazy store cops – Segway riding is a lot of fun – as long as you overcome your (former, my) initial scepticism and get out of the turtle course (yes, it really is called that). It’s not like I haven’t driven Segway before… but that was a few years ago, and I usually get easily scared. But one doesn’t forget how to ride Segway any more than how to ride a bike, and despite I was a bit insecure at the beginning, it soon became clear that I could probably ride Segway after all. And for Kühlungsborn this is actually the perfect way to get around. So you quickly get from one end to the other, because the place at the Baltic Sea is stretching quite long – it is not without reason that Kühlungsborn has the longest promenade in Germany. Passing meadows and forests with a speed of 20km/h we roll towards Bastorfer lighthouse, back towards water, through the city forest to the promenade and at the end I don’t really want to walk down and I’m already looking forward to my next Segway tour.

Segway fahren entlang der Küste © TMV / JustTravelous.com

Segway ride along the coast © TMV / JustTravelous.com


Mit dem Ostseejumper über die Ostsee

Experiencing the coast in Kühlungsborn with the speedboat © TMV / JustTravelous.com

For adrenalin junkies the Baltic Sea jumper is just the right thing. With this speedboat you cross the Baltic Sea at up to 60 knots. But you can’t be seasick for that. It splashes and whooshes and the water sprays in your face all the time. But don’t worry: your holiday clothes won’t get wet, because of course you’ll be wearing wearing a protective suit. The more you sit in front, the more wet you get, so it is recommended for water lovers to sit at the very front and those who are a bit scared of a water roller coaster should rather hold on to the back seats. I was allowed to stand next to the captain – but next time I’ll probably leave the camera at home and sit right in front. One shower, please.

Mit 630 PS über die Ostsee © TMV / JustTravelous.com

Mit 630 PS über die Ostsee © TMV / JustTravelous.com


Tauchschule – Tauchbasis Baltic
Anglersteig 1, 18225 Kühlungsborn

Segwaytour Kühlungsborn
Reriker Straße 12, 18225 Kühlungsborn

Speedboot – Ostseejumper
Hafenstraße 6, 18225 Kühlungsborn

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