Island Safari on Usedom

We from MVnow were on the way to Usedom for you and in order to discover as many secret spots in actually no time at all, we decided to go on the island safari.

In the morning we were picked up by Gunnar, who got out of his off-road jeep – a Land Rover Defender – and greeted us friendly with his broad grin. The Defender is the ideal vehicle for such a safari and can seat 8 people.

Land Rover der Insel-Safari auf Usedom © TMV/Hugo

Land Rover der Insel-Safari auf Usedom © TMV/Hugo

We immediately went to the first viewing point towards Streckelsberg. This is one of the highest spots on Usedom with the best view of the Baltic Sea and the nearby nearly white beach, which from here did not seem to end.

View of the Streckelsberg - Usedom at the Baltic Sea © TMV/Hugo

View of the Streckelsberg – Usedom at the Baltic Sea © TMV/Hugo

View from Streckelsberg © TMV/HugoBut instead of an idyllic walk on the beach, we made a short detour to Loddin, Germany’s northernmost vineyard, which even TV & star chef Johann Lafer visited.

From here Gunnar offered us to continue the tour on the roof of the Defender – before he even finished his sentence we were up and the tour continued past small bays and fantastic lookout points off the tourist route. Some of us thought about surfing again and we were wondering how we could be the only surfers at this cool and windy spot.

But not today, because we stopped at the Café Knatter – great location with a view to the Achterwasser laguna and in the evening it was ideal for a perfect sunset.

Café Knatter und Windsportschool Usedom am Achterwasser © TMV/Hugo

Café Knatter and Windsportschool Usedom at Achterwasser laguna © TMV/Hugo

Here is the sailing, surfing and kite school where you could have jumped with the SUP or the kite into the hip-deep aft water and immediately we thought about paddling with the SUP again…

The picnic

It got noon and Gunnar dropped us off at a small beach spot – not very big, but also no people around us and so we already found the second place to stay in the evening with the idea of lighting a campfire. At the same time Gunnar prepared a small lunch snack. Homemade jam, tomato cream, bread from the best baker around the corner, ham, cheese and the tacker egg were not missing – so after this culinary trip we were more than fortified again.

Meanwhile, Gunnar told us with humour and a lot of enthusiasm about the special features of the region and its plant, animal and human inhabitants.

Picknick bei der Insel-Safari mit Blick auf das Achterwasser © TMV/Hugo

Picnic during the Island Safari with a view on Achterwasser © TMV/Hugo

Back on the roof of the jeep, we passed a lama and ostrich farm in Dargen. Unfortunately no ostrich riding, but here you get eggs, meat and leather from these big ratites.

Besuch auf der Straußenfarm mit dem Land Rover © TMV/Hugo

Visiting the ostrich farm with the Land Rover © TMV/Hugo

Now we went on towards “Weisse Düne” – a flat-bottomed ship – on which you can do one-day or multi-day cruises not only on the Achterwasser laguna, but also on the Peene Strait and the Baltic Sea. Of course Gunnar knew Captain Jane and we were already guided around on the sailing ship.

"Weisse Düne" liegt im Hafen am Achterwasser © TMV

“Weisse Düne” in the harbour of Achterwasser © TMV


Searching for the beavers…

After the ostrich farm and a horse at the roadside, which in our opinion was Pippi Longstocking’s horse, we eventually insisted on seeing a beaver in the wild.

Arrived in the Rankwitzer surroundings we went cross-country according to the feeling of our tour guide, and we realised that we were in the territory of the beavers. Trees overturned on all sides, no matter what thickness, and the typical traces of the rodent teeth, but unfortunately no beaver can be seen today.

Das Territorium der © TMV/Hugo

Das Territorium der Biber © TMV/Hugo

The tour ended in the evening and we took the last tips for the best fish sandwiches on Usedom.

Overnight accomodation on Usedom

For the night after the safari we chose a log cabin in Peenemünde. A little further away from the tourist life on Usedom behind the historical-technical-museum Peenemünde you will find “Peninsula-Peenemünde”. Here you can use besides a log house also the unusual opportunity of spending the night in a sailing schooner.

Blockhaus "Halbinsel-Peenemünde" auf Usedom © TMV/Hugo

Log cabin “Halbinsel-Peenemünde” on Usedom © TMV/Hugo


Segelschoner als Unterkunft in Peenemünde © TMV/Hugo

Sail schooner as an accomodation in Peenemünde © TMV/Hugo

Those who spend a night in front of the Technical Museum can also visit it on site and learn about the history of the world’s most modern technology centre around 1940.

After the night you can have breakfast at the floating harbour bar “Zum Dünn Hering” and in addition to the view of the largest submarine museum in Germany, fresh scrambled eggs were prepared on demand.

Frühstück für die Unterkünfte der "Halbinsel-Peenemünde" © TMV/Hugo

Breakfast at “Halbinsel-Peenemünde” © TMV/Hugo

Talking to the local staff it became clear to us that we were on the location of the annual Meeresrausch festival. Just by this background scenery it is worth considering coming back on June 17th of this year to dance and celebrate at the harbour of Peenemünde.

After this short excursion to the island of Usedom with so many impressions and small secret corners it was definitely not the last visit. Besides surfing on the Achterwasser, festivals in Peenemünde or the extraordinary overnight possibilities on ships, you will find plenty of space to experience and enjoy nature while hiking or jogging.


Insel-Safari auf Usedom
Drosselweg 3
17438 Wolgast
Tel.: 03836 2379890

Unterkunft Halbinsel-Peenemünde
Fährstraße 9
17449 Peenemünde
Tel.: 038371 556623

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