Houseboat – Fascination and Adventure in MV!

Coast or inland, beach or rather vacation in the mountains? There are endless possibilities, but where to go for a long weekend without having a 5 hours drive. How about a trip on a houseboat to the Mecklenburg Lake District in the north of Germany? Because what the small loneliness, the peace and quiet does to you on the water is one of the special things to escape from everyday life and to switch off.

We report, what you should keep in mind and what awaits you during an adventure on a houseboat. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MV) you don’t even need a motorboat licence. Therefore you are quite flexible if you get a charter licence from the houseboat rental company.

Short trip on the water

Anchoring on the Zorzensee © TMV/Hugo

Things packed, crew collected from all corners of Northern Germany and first stop the “Hafendorf Müritz”, where Kuhnle-Tours has a large variety of boats. The offer is large, but one of the approx. 75 houseboats, with different sizes from 2 to 12 sleep places must be booked in advance. Above all the Müritz lake can be reached comfortably in good two hours from Hamburg and Berlin.

Or why not start right away in Berlin and then sail to MV? But for almost all regions outside of MV you need a motorboat license. However, there are also rafts and houseboats with less power and you can drive these without a license up to 15 hp.

After a short briefing and handover on site, our houseboat with the name “Zope” was ready to go! If you should not possess a driving licence, you get after a likewise theoretical briefing a temporary charter licence.

Tourist fishing license and water maps © TMV/Hugo

This time there was even the special challenge that some of the crew are fishermen who have not been fishing in the region before. But not all of us had a fishing license – luckily we could get the tourist fishing license and a water map for the next days.

The Equipment of the Houseboat

The Houseboat Kormoran © TMV/Hugo

The houseboat type “Kormoran” offers everything you can find in a holiday apartment. We had 3 large sleeping cabins with double beds, three small bathrooms, a kitchen with gas, living room for the evenings and a BBQ for the 100 fish we wanted to catch.

The boat was bigger than expected and had a large sunbathing area with an outside shower at the rear. In the evenings it got a bit cold, but the Kormoran is well equipped with a warm water heating. That was of course very good, because Christoph is usually the first one who is complaining when it gets colder.

In our equipment the “starter package” also included bed sheets and towels, which made packing a lot easier, especially for those who had a longer journey.

Best Mood on Board! © TMV/Hugo

We can finally go! The plan was to explore the southern part of the Mecklenburg Lake District. Therefore we borrowed a kayak and packed our stand-up paddle boards.


Not far away, there was our first goal to explore the small lakes in the south of the Müritz. Small and not very busy, we had almost no boat traffic on these lakes and could explore the shore by kayak from a bay.

In the canoe, you can directly experience the peace and quiet © TMV/Hugo

On the map we had discovered more parallel lakes, like “Im Langen Ort” or “Nebel” lake. According to the nautical charts this has to work … rowing around and setting the course to the connecting channel! Somehow surprised, we saw a small wooden boat with full speed heading to us with waving arms. We did not know at all that there are also lake pirates here!

We stopped and waited for the local. “You take a direct course to the sandbank!”
We were already told that the water level had dropped very low since last year because it had hardly rained since then. But sometimes you underestimate some things. The depth sensor of the boat is helpful in such situations, with which you can keep an eye on the distance to the bottom and notice as soon as it gets shallower.

The responsible for anchoring © TMV/Hugo

We drove further in direction to the Müritzsee and stayed there the first night in order to anchor. It started – Christoph was already complaining that he has no internet to check his e-mails… well, we’ll have to slow him down, we thought to ourselves.

The first night was very relaxed and we were exhausted after having had so much fresh air. But who doesn’t like to be woken up next morning by fresh coffee aroma, warm rolls and scrambled eggs?

Mirow and Zotzensee

From the Müritz to Mirow bei Lärz © TMV/Hugo

After breakfast we headed to Mirow. Today we went fishing to catch some fish for dinner. Still in the channel of the Müritz lake the first fishing attempts began and after three hours without any bite some of us panicked that we would starve. This was the reason why we targeted the Lake Fishery in Mirow for a fish sandwich.

Now we came to the biggest challenge on this trip – the first water gate. Since we all have been on a boat before, but had no water gate experience, everyone was a bit under tension.

Arriving at the water gate Mirow, the gate just opened in front of us and the ships went out from the other direction. Perfect … then we can directly go in! “The water gate takes a lunch break, now.”, a voice said from the direction of the water gate tower. “Okaaay” we thought to ourselves… then probably first of all, also break for us.

Waiting in front of the water gate © TMV/Hugo

We immediately used the time for a shower with warm water at the back of the boat and relaxed. Torsten was still enthusiastic for his first “bite” and threw out his fishing rod.

The water gate in Mirow © TMV/Hugo

After 30 minutes the announcement “Please drive in” came, the green light went on so that we could drive in. On all sides we were tight, but at walking speed it was much more relaxed than we had expected before. The crew had everything under control!


Out of the “water elevator” and keeping left we reached Mirow. Two guys jumped directly into the kayak and paddled to the fisherman for a fish sandwich. They were so fast, that we could just call out our fish roll wishes.

Fischereihof Mirow © TMV/Hugo

A little further on, the “3 Königinnen-Palais” with the “Love-Island” appeared on the right. Here it would have also been possible to anchor at a guest berth and visit the old castle brewery, but we prefered having our snack instead.

Zotzensee and Müritz-Seen-Park

After our little snack we chugged to the next lake and our little digital junkie Christoph slowly realized that he had to sit on the sunroof and to relax. We call this slow travelling up here in MV! 😉

SUP-Tour on the Zorzen-See © TMV/Hugo

After we had found a calm bay, the anchor was dropped and every corner was explored by kayak to catch at least one fish. AND THERE was the first bite, Torsten had caught a big perch. At least something, but why did the guy from Berlin had to catch the first one?

BBQ on the boat is allowed 🙂 © TMV/Hugo

In Mirow we quickly bought some meat and sausages and the barbecue evening was saved. Everyone was allowed to try the perch, but the big pike – El Capitan – was missing.
While we enjoyed the peace and quiet and had enough time to observe nature, we saw several eagles, falcons and breeding ducks. Animal lovers will not miss out here in any case.

Anchoring on the Müritzsee © TMV/Hugo

After the second night our three-day trip was already over and we made our way home on the last morning. Also our digital native had finally slown down and was also unhappy that this was already the end of an exciting houseboat trip.

Booking tip: If you are not dependent on the high season holidays, you should book in the off-season. In those periods you will have less traffic, even more peace and quiet and it is less price-intensive.

Important Information to our Tour

Hafendorf Müritz
Marinastraße 1, 17248 Rechlin (Müritz)
telephone: +49 39823 2660

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