Helicopter flight along the Baltic Sea coast

Have you always wanted to enjoy nature from the sky?

We have been lucky and had the chance to try this out with happyair in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Takeoff in Purkshof

Start- und Landeplatz Purkshof mit dem Robinson R44 Raven © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

Take-off and landing location in Purkshof with the Robinson R44 Raven © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

We started our trip in Purkshof, which is located in the eastern part of Rostock, near Karl’s Erdbeerhof. There helicopter has enough room for the pilot and 3 other passengers.

After quick safety checks and a warm-up of the engine, things were already skyrocketing.


Letzter Sicherheitscheck vor dem Abflug © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

Last security check before the take off © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

We had previously asked Peer, our pilot, to take us to visit the Baltic Sea coast, because the weather conditions were perfect for a clear view and for the upcoming sunset.


 Rostock City Harbour & Warnemünde

Luftbild Stadthafen Rostock © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

Rostock City Harbour view from the sky © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

So we flew along the Warnow river, over the city harbour of Rostock in the direction of Warnemünde. From Warnemünde you can enjoy a fantastic view of the large passenger pier of AIDA and the ferries to Scandinavia.

Blick auf Warnemünde und die Hafeneinfahrt von Rostock © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

View of Warnemünde and the harbour access of Rostock © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel


Along the beach of Warnemünde at the Baltic Sea we passed the yacht harbour residence “Hohe Dühne” with a view of the German Navy and towards Markgrafenheide.

Das Strandresort Markgrafenheide © TMV / Sebastian Hugo Witzel

The Beach Resort Markgrafenheide © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel


Darss, Kitespot Hall & Pangea Festival Area

The flight went past Markgrafenheide towards Darss, with a small swing over the Saaler Bay and the large festival area in Pütnitz with its Technical Tank Museum.

Luftbild Fischland-Darß © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

Fischland-Darß aerial view © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

The 30 minutes round flight were over already and the flight went towards sunset, back to the starting airport in the direction of Purkshof.

Sonnenuntergang über Mecklenburg-Vorpommern © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

Sunset in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern © TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel


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