Pike Fishing at the baltic coast!

We sent our professionals and asked ourselves the question – Where do you catch the biggest fish in MV?

Holger Bente from Doctor-Catch told us where to catch the pike in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania!

Again one of those goals I had in mind for a long time: pike fishing on Rügen! As an enthusiastic angler it was of course clear that I had to deal with the brute brackish water pikes of the Bodden landscape on Germany’s largest island at some point.

Das Boot für unsere geführte Angeltour © Holger Bente

In May 2017 it finally happened: Together with Holger Höner from bissclips.tv I boarded his boat with the experienced fishing guide Guido Jubelt.

Raus auf den Bodden der Ostsee © Holger Bente

After a dirty, stormy day on the Baltic Sea, now May at its best: a mild breeze and sunny spring weather. Well no perfect pike weather as the big predatory fish is more active on cloudy days but at least great photo weather!

Unser Angelguide Guido Jubelt © Holger Bente

As a fisherman you get really nervous already in the harbour of Schaprode: almost everywhere you see people with the same interests with rods, tackle boxes and landing nets loading the numerous moored fishing boats. No wonder: Rügen is one of the best pike grounds in Europe! Almost every reputable fishing magazine has already been here for reports. Even Danes and Swedes regularly make pilgrimages to the promising pike mecca along the coast of Western Pomerania.

kleines Kaffeepäuschen bei der Brise © Holger Bente

Guido is heading southwest towards the Schaproder Bodden. Weather and waves are so tame that it’s time for a fresh coffee. Could still be a long day and who knows if we will even find time for such breaks when fishing.

Auswerfen des Treibankers © Holger Bente

Guido stops his boat directly at an extensive shallow water area. The engine mutes and this wonderful, promising peace spreads, which I love so much when fishing by boat! Rubber fish or flat running wobblers are quickly mounted. While I’m still working on my camera settings and putting a few motifs on the chip, Guido has already left a so-called drift bag or drift anchor overboard. This parachute-like square meter of textile is supposed to slow down the drift of our boat and keep us longer above the suspicious pike spots.

Ruhiges Händchen beim Hechte angeln auf Rügen © Holger Bente

The wind has clearly freshened up, but thanks to drift anchors we slowly drift over about a meter flat areas and search the huge water surface with our lures. It is spring: During this period, the pike stand in the shallow regions for a while after spawning, until they warp into deeper areas of the Bodden as temperatures increase. We just have to find them …

Guido Jubelt mit seinem Hechtfang © Holger Bente

“Bite!” it sounds from Guido’s direction: His fishing rod is bended and the first bodden pike of the day comes on board! Yes – that’s the way it should go! A wobbler with perch decor was the catchy seducer.

Die Köder-Auswahl für den Hechtfang © Holger Bente

After Guido can trick two more pike with this striped artificial bait, it seems clear that the predators with the duckbill’s mouth probably have perch on the menu today. A view of Guido’s favourite lure for the shallow water in spring reveals: Imitation perch should definitely be in the box here! But also classical whitefish imitations or even pike lookalikes bring fish – pike are not choosy and attack also on occasion at their kind fellow.

Drill Hecht mit Holger Höner © Holger Bente

Co-angler Holger Höner continues to swear by his rubber fish, which he seductively staggers across the herb fields. And suddenly his fishing rod is bended too!

Hecht mit dem Köder Racker Shad gefangen © Holger Bente

Yes! A beautiful Bodden pike could not swim past the mud-coloured Racker Shad.

Auch die Gummifisch Köder eignen sich! © Holger Bente

True to the saying “Give rubber!” it finally grabs me and a half strong Bodden-pike makes sure that I do not remain tailor. As feared the pike are not standing in line on this somewhat too sunny spring day. And yet we are almost frightened when we realize that 10 hours on the water just flew by!

Auch die dicken gehen bei uns an den Haken © Holger Bente

And even if the big one were either on the road somewhere else or simply biting lazy on that day: This area is so fascinating and extensive that I would like to breathe the clear Baltic Sea air again as soon as possible and perhaps make the company of my parents or grandparents of this wonderful pike.

If you also want to go on a Bodden adventure with a predatory fish rendezvous, then – if you already have a fishing licence – you have to get an additional coastal fishing licence beforehand. You don’t have a fishing license? In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern no problem either: In this case you simply get a so-called tourist fishing licence and then the coastal fishing licence.


Last tip: Make sure you book a guide familiar with the area such as Guido, so that you don’t lose sight of the pike because they are there – you just have to find them!

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