Greifswald – discover the architectual hanseatic city!

The Hanseatic League

Every child in Northern Germany knows the Hanseatic League – an alliance of North German traders and priveliged market towns that dominated trade along the North European coasts from the mid-12th to mid-17th centuries.

One of these priveliged Hanseatic towns is Greifswald. People of Greifswald are also proud to call the smallest full university in Germany their own. Two of their students recently showed me the city so that I am now able to tell you all the insider tips! 🙂

Ready? Here are my suggestions:

Day 1

The Old Twon

The church tower in the old town and a detour to the small half-timbered houses in © Christin

Market square, churches, cathedral, brick gothic – in typical Hanseatic style. Let the pictures speak for themselves.


The University of Greifswald with its Library © Christin

They say the city is the campus. The university buildings are spread all over the city as are the libraries and canteen buildings. Some of the lecture rooms look like a hundred years ago with their wooden benches and podiums, others are in modern buildings made of concrete and glass.

The River Ryck

View of the river Ryck © Christin

A dreamy little river with wooden fishing boats on the banks.


only 3400 km on the Jakobspath © Christin

Did you know that pilgrims from the north went through Greifswald on their way to Santiago de Compostela in Spain? Neither did I until I saw this sign. 3400 km on foot still from here. I just wanted to say…

Car Charging Stations

Tesla Car Charging Station © Christin

I’m always happy when I come to Germany and see such progressive things as these between all the historical and impressive buildings of the last centuries. So if you come with the Tesla – no problem at all, you can load it right in the city centre of Greifswald.

Botanical Garden

The variety of plants in the Botanical Garden © Christin

The botanical garden is of course seasonal. 🙂 There is a pond with water lilies and a lot of plants from the Asian area. Right next to the central examination office this is a small green recreation between all the architecture on my route.

Dinner at Kontor

Pizza-Restaurant Kontor © Christin

We ate at Kontor – the pizza makers in Greifswald. I found it excellent in the rustic atmosphere. Not at least because everyone will find something on the menu no matter what food allergies you have. We were a group of three people – a meat eater, a vegetarian and a person with gluten and lactose intolerance and everyone found something they liked. We don’t get that often! The main dishes here are burgers and pizzas. In summer you can sit outside on the market square and let the architecture of the buildings have an effect on you.

Day 2

We explore the surroundings to discover new things.

Eldena / Wieck

As a Westernpomeranian I was surprised how many place names there are which I know from my corner of the country. Eldena is a good example. In this case we mean a part of Greifswald with thatched roofs, cobblestone streets and a wooden bascule bridge. A walk here can easily last the whole morning, if you like taking pictures as much as I do. There are simply too many motifs.

A soft ice cream on the way

Eating ice cream at Café Ryck © Christin

While you’re here why don’t you get an ice cream at Ryck 7, an ice cream parlour named after the river that sells the best soft ice cream from Greifswald – I was told. I thought it was delicious and there are options for lactose-intolerant ice cream lovers here too.

The Monastery

the former side wings of the monastery © Christin

While you are licking your ice you can stroll through the adjoining monastery ruins. They were a source of inspiration for the romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich who was born in Greifswald. Nowadays it is often used as a backdrop for the Mecklenburg Festival which offers an extensive programme throughout the year.

Greifswald Lagoon

bridge at the river Ryck © Christin

Love Locks at the bridge © Christin

Cross the bridge on the other side of the river and head towards the dike where you can walk. There is a wide view over the Lagoon. Many couples have hung locks with their initials on the pier and have certainly used one of the many boat tours offered on the spot.


Fishrolls © Christin

If you’re hungry from running there’s a fish sandwich on the way back. Fischhandel Kruse sells the catch of the day from a standing position and the fish eaters say it tastes fantastic! 🙂

Do you like Hanseatic cities as much as I do? Which is your favourite Hanseatic city?

Did you already discover?

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