From Rügen to Usedom by bike

The last time it ended in Stralsund at the Rügenbrücke, so it started again from there. Passing the whole shipyards, directly at the water, where the path meandered slightly up and down and one could see the Bodden in many small places, before continuing on a beautiful forest path.

Aussicht bei Stralsund vom Ostseeküstenradweg © S.H. Witzel

View at Stralsund from the Baltic Sea Cycle Route © TMV/S.H. Witzel

And then came the dreaded part. No matter who you asked, everyone advised against the part Stralsund – Greifswald. We received comments like”Oh, dear, poor people!”, “Do you really want to do this?!” on to “You’d better get on the train”. But we didn’t let ourselves be deterred and wanted to experience it for ourselves. With trembling knees we approached the piece. After some driven meters of cobblestone pavement, we meanwhile waited already almost eagerly for the bad piece. After further kilometers the thought came to us so slowly that this must have been the bad piece. We had expected large, unpolished stones, but these were just small ones. Yes, admittedly it wasn’t very pleasant, but it wasn’t so bad that you had to take the train. So don’t let yourself be told everything, sometimes just try it out 😉

Allee zwischen Stralsund und Greifswald © S.H.Witzel

Avenue between Stralsund and Greifswald © TMV/S.H.Witzel

The path leads you through beautiful avenues, small villages with their old brick houses and churches directly to Greifswald, which you can admire towards the end as you get closer and closer.

Eine der wunderschönen Kirchen auf der Route der Backsteingothik © S.H. Witzel

One of the beautiful churches on the Route of Brick Gothic © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Hanseatic town of Greifswald

Once arrived in Greifswald, you are directly at the harbour. First we went through the city to the youth hostel of the DJH (Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk – German Youth Hostel Association), near the city centre. It has a lot to offer, especially outside, from table tennis tables to beach volleyball courts. Inside, the newly made dining room with its panoramic picture of Greifswald inspires. We then took a closer look at the beautiful Hanseatic town and walked in the footsteps of Caspar David Friedrich before finishing the day at the harbour again.

Der Hafen in Greifswald © S.H. Witzel

The harbour in Greifswald © TMV/S.H. Witzel


The next day we left Greifswald, accompanied by several sailors, and continued along the Ryck towards the lake. We made a small detour to the ruins of Eldena monastery (website in German). Who likes to play hide and seek, please 😉 During the summer, it is also a popular venue for theatre performances and concerts, such as the Eldena Jazz Evenings (website in German).

Die Klosterruine Eldena © S.H.Witzel

ruins of Eldena monastery © TMV/S.H.Witzel

We continued on a well-developed cycle path along the coast, partly through woods and meadows with several wonderful possibilities for a short stay.
But if you get hungry, Freest is just the thing for you. There’s a division of labor here. While the men go fishing in the morning, the women prepare the fish fresh for hungry cyclists. So off to Freest to the “Freister Fischhus” (website in German).

Der Fischereihafen in Freest mit kleiner traditioneller Werft © S.H. Witzel

The fishing harbour in Freest with small traditional shipyard © TMV/S.H. Witzel

On your way you will pass the small village Kröslin, if you go there to the harbour, you can have a look at the floating houses (website in German), maybe someone would like to book an overnight stay or the next vacation? 😉

Außergewöhnliche Unterkünfte - die Floating Houses in Kröslin © S.H. Witzel

Außergewöhnliche Unterkünfte – die Floating Houses in Kröslin © TMV/S.H. Witzel

On a beautiful forest road we then continued in the direction of Wolgast. You will pass the zoological garden Wolgast with all its wild animals and end up at the harbour in Wolgast.
We went to the “Postel” (website in German) in Wolgast. A hostel, which is located in the old post office and definitely worth the overnight stay! From the outside as well as from the inside, fantastic and absolutely worth seeing!

Das Postel in Wolgast © S.H.Witzel

The “Postel” in Wolgast © TMV/S.H.Witzel

Each room is individually decorated, you will love it!

Das ursprüngliche Zimmer vom Postmeister Thilo © S.H. Witzel

The original room of postmaster Thilo © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Usedom – the Sunny Island

We went to the “Sunny Island” this morning when we left the rain behind us. And so we crossed the bridge and went to the beautiful Island of Usedom.

Die Peenebrücke von Wolgast zur Insel Usedom © S.H. Witzel

The Peene Bridge from Wolgast to Usedom Island © TMV/S.H. Witzel

Via meadows the path first led to Trassenheide and then to Zinnowitz. From there the path went up and down through the forest. For me from the south finally something that looked and felt like a mountain and not a hill. Finally a climb to pedal. The views, which one cashed for it, were worthwhile themselves always! So also the Streckelsberg near Koserow.

Aussicht vom Streckelsberg © S.H.Witzel

View from the Streckelsberg © TMV/S.H.Witzel

From there it went downhill to Bansin. The imperial baths began there. From health resort to health resort one drove relaxed on the promenade from Bansin via Heringsdorf to Ahlbeck. Each spa has its own charm.

Seebrücke Heringsdorf © S.H.Witzel

Heringsdorf Pier © TMV/S.H.Witzel

After driving through Ahlbeck, it was only a few kilometres until we reached the border to Poland. We had made it. 680km Baltic Sea coast cycle path were mastered. The relay wood went to Poland, who would now take over the EuroVelo 10 on their side and drive off.

Die deutsch-polnische Grenze bei Ahlbeck © S.H. Witzel

The German-Polish border near Ahlbeck © S.H. Witzel

You can download the GPX-track of this tour by clicking here.

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