Being a Pilot for One Day at the Flugsimulator Rostock

Welcome on Board

In Evershagen in Rostock in front of the Flugsimulator Rostock © TMV/Hugo

We visited the flight simulator Rostock and were allowed to be pilot of a Boeing 737 for one day. A childhood dream becoming true and of course we took you with us and report about our experiences! The flight simulator is located in Evershagen in Rostock in a very inconspicuous building. Here you can find out in detail how you can easily reach it. Without any pilot experience we were very curious how we would master this challenge.

But firstly, some information to the company itself: Stefan and Andreas Schwart are the founders and owners of the flight simulator and have a real passion for flying. Stefan Schwart is pilot himself and often discovers the region from above the clouds. Father and son built the simulator themselves with a lot of love for detail and now let us normal people take part in this unique experience.

Please get your seatbelt fastened

Various adjustments and buttons within the Flugsimulator Rostock © TMV/Hugo

First of all, Mr Schwart briefed us so that we do not end up with a crashed landing. In the simulator you have the possibility to choose from a destination worldwide to do your sightseeing flight. Of course we chose Rostock Laage, with a wonderful view over Warnemünde. What is your favourite destination and where would you like to fly as captain of the Boeing 737?

Attention, Attention Please

Above the beautiful landscape of MV © TMV/Hugo

All lamps on green – roger – then we can start! A bit excited and at the same time unsure how I would perform, I sit on the pilot’s chair. You feel important, but the simulation is amazingly real, so I was a bit scared as well. Nevertheless, it is good to challenge oneself, so let’s do this!

Stefan Schwart starts the turbines, and the plane moves faster and faster until – “pull the steering wheel… NOW!”. I pull it to myself and as if being agravic, you fly over countless rapeseed fields and enjoy the amazing view over MV. A unique feeling, you are weightless and fly towards the horizon. I head towards the Hohe Düne. Amazingly true to detail one recognizes the harbour in Warnemünde and we turn a round around the lighthouse. We automatically lean into the curves and hold ourselves reflexively. Also Hugo, who had to endure my first flight, felt like on a real flight. The built-in vibration plates create a realistic flight feeling, which is really impressive! He didn’t get sick, which is a good sign for the first flight I think 😉

If required, there is typical tomato juice or other drinks and snacks, just like in the right plane. With a properly installed kitchen for the Stewardesses, as well as a toilet, you can quickly get up into the air. Everything is of course true to detail, just like within a real airline. Up to 15 “passengers” can be seated in the aircraft and can enjoy the sightseeing flight over the chosen destination live.

Arrival in Rostock Laage

Above the clouds © TMV/Hugo

I got another adrenaline kick shortly before the landing. A similar simulator is also used by pilot apprentices and crash landings can also be simulated realistically. So get ready – concentration! Slooooowing down and rolling out, until the airplane stands again firmly on the ground. In retrospect I have to say that the landing was relatively easy – but there were also dream conditions in the simulation, no wind, sun and best visibility. The difficult conditions real pilots have to master is sometimes extremely impressive! Then it is only possible to fly according to displays, speedometers, etc., which can sometimes be really tricky. Mr Schwart tells us that on Madeira, for example, there are particularly difficult conditions due to wind and weather, so that pilots often take off again and try to land several times.


Being concentrated in the preparation of the landing © TMV/Hugo

Being a pilot for one day at the flight simulator Rostock was a really impressive and great experience! It is not only suitable for group events, also for private trips to Rostock it is definitely worth a visit. If you’re now as excited for flying as us, just have a look at the homepage of the flight simulator. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we do! In the booking, you can choose flexibly the length of your simulation.

Have you ever been there? We look forward to hear about your experiences. So, thank you for flying with MVnow and we wish you a pleasant stay in MV 🙂

More information

Flugsimulator Rostock
Tel. 0381 375 999 84

Opening Hours
monday to frieday  10.00 to 22.00h
saturday 10.00 to 24.00h
closed on sunday and on bank holidays

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