Fishing in the Mecklenburg Lake District

We sent Holger Bente from Doctor-Catch for the second time for fishing and this time we went to the Mecklenburg Lake District. Here he reports how you got the big fish out!

“As we stand at dawn in the completely redesigned harbour village of Plau and glide our eyes over the 3,840 hectares of water of Lake Plau, we are even a little relieved that not only a local fishing guide is at our side today but also two: Peter Berg from the Zoo-Angeln specialist shop Röbel and Dennis Marusch from the Fischerei Müritz Plau welcome us this autumn day with fantastic weather!

Arrival at the harbour of the Plauer Lake © Holger Bente

After a short sniff and determination of the daily tactics we load the perfectly equipped fishing boat. Today pike should be target fish no. 1 for us. Especially for this great predator the Plauer Lake has a name among fishermen! No wonder, because every year numerous pike beyond the 1-meter mark catch Wobbler & Co. !

The lighthouse in the harbour of the Plauer Lake © Holger Bente

Slowly we glide past the pretty lighthouse of the harbour onto the lake. The wind has refreshed and the sun comes out. What makes the holidaymaker happy, provides a subdued atmosphere for predatory fishermen: The clear water of the Plauer See and the bright weather do not only provide for pike normally rather restrained biting pleasure.

Today’s pike bait selection © Holger Bente

Anyway – we are here to fish and not to doubt! According to Peter and Dennis, rubber fish are the first choice for the tooth-reinforced target fish.

Heading on to the first pike hunting ground © Holger Bente

Peter heads for the first places in the north of the lake, where we pull the first baits through the water. After the first drifts in areas around 10 meters depth remain without bite, we move the boat.

The fish baits are active© Holger Bente

This time we glide over an extended plateau further into the lake. Our lures stagger and glide seductively over herbaceous benches – you have to do something at such a classic pike site!

Peter has his first pike © Holger Bente

And right: Peter lands the first pike of the day! No giant, but the spell seems to be broken, because the weather god does us a favour and regularly sends us some bigger clouds. At this place some nice pike are still hooking us. But there is no clear lure favourite: Besides the proven rubber fish I can also persuade two pike to attack aggressively led jerkbaits.

The fishermen village Plau © Holger Bente

Lunch! It’s good to have a short walk and a snack in the harbour: After a 10-minute drive we join the handful of autumn tourists in the fishing village and enjoy a classic currywurst with fries.

Rubber fish for the perfect bite © Holger Bente

Next on the agenda is towing: according to Peter and Dennis the best method for big pike! It should be noted that they are anything but satisfied with the pike yield so far. When towing, we now have the opportunity to search a much larger area of water and have a better chance of meeting the long-awaited pike. Dennis presents rubber fish of impressive proportions.

A swarm of bream right below us © Holger Bente

But it also sounds logical: Big pike like to chase the not exactly small breams, which now often swarm through the lake in large swarms in autumn. On the echo sounder, signals of the large shoals of fish for peace can be seen on a regular basis.

Trolling for pike © Holger Bente

Four rods in total are mounted and towed behind the boat at different depths and distances. While Peter steers the boat along suspicious edges, we lean back and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the third largest lake in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Now in autumn there is a lot of peace and quiet: Fewer tourists and far fewer boats on the lake almost give the feeling that we have the lake completely to ourselves.

A giant pike © Holger Bente

The bite comes suddenly and on a rubber fish, which was offered almost directly under the water surface! After a short drill Dennis finally presents the much longed for pike! Mission accomplished.

Even perches bite! © Holger Bente

On the way back to the harbour village we make a detour to some well-known perch hotspots and conjure up some pretty spiked knights out of the clear floods with light equipment.

Back to the harbour village Plauer See © Holger Bente

A perfect day on Plauer See is coming to an end. And a deep connection to this region and its endless possibilities to experience a fantastic time at and on the water has just begun.”

Before you can pack your tackle box and try your luck on Plauer See, you will of course need a fishing permit. If you have a valid fishing license, you can get it from the Müritzfischern, for example. If you don’t have a fishing licence, you can get a so-called tourist fishing licence from the Lallf and then the fishing licence.

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