Fall Outdoors – Classics of MV

Part 1

When the days are getting shorter, cranes and deer turn up & you can experience nature from a very special side: Then it’ s fall in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Enjoy this colourful season quietly and on your own or as a couple or turn up the gear – with friends on outdoor adventures from the Island of Rügen to Schwerin – here are our 4 classics for fall:

1. Canoe, Draisine & Bike: MV from three different perspectives

Canoe tour together with friends © TMV/Roth

Through the wilderness by canoe? Cycling around small towns and on secluded paths? Biking on rails? Absolutely and everything in one single day!

Experience the Mecklenburg lake district from completely different perspectives, be active in nature and have fun with friends – even in bad weather for those of you who are hardcore!

A unique combination of draisine, bike and canoe allows you to see nature from many different angles – sometimes slowly and sometimes fast, sometimes with sunglasses and sometimes with a rain jacket, sometimes with a large group and sometimes very sportive as a team.

So grab your gear, plan your day trip and let’s go!


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Wanderer Aktivtour
Dorfstraße 16
18276 Oldenstorf/OT Lohmen

2. Moor hike & observation of cranes: adventurous outdoors at River Peene

Der "Amazonas des Nordens" - die Peene © AFL

The “Amazon of the North” – River Peene © AFL

On a guided bog hike you can explore a river landscape unique in Europe. Observe “wild” animals, feel nature up close: that and much more is happening in the Peenetalmoor in Vorpommern. Discover the breathtaking landscape, hear anecdotes by the Ranger and let yourself be enchanted by the mystical marshland.

In autumn, the many cranes that you can observe on their way to the warm southern climes are especially great and fascinating. The birds of fortune are elegant, often provide a very special spectacle and sometimes make quite a melodic noise.

So: Take out your binoculars, put on warm clothes and off you go to the moor!

Mysterious, close to nature, very unique: Moor hikes along the River Peene © TMV/Steindorf-Sabath

Abenteuer Flusslandschaft
Werftstr. 6
17389 Anklam
Tel. 0 39 71 24 28 39

Tours can be booked here, daily

3. By Jeep through the Achterland: Island Safari on Usedom

Island Safari? On Usedom? Take a look for yourself and let us convince you!

Individual, diverse and without time pressure, unconventional and from unusual perspectives – that’s how you surely haven’t explored Usedom yet!

You are on the road with a Landrover DEFENDER – the prototype for adventurous expeditions! Accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide you will get to know the region at the Pomeranian Bay, the islands Usedom and Wollin and the closer mainland on unusual routes. The necessary equipment, snacks and drinks for the whole day will of course be on board.

And for those of you who demand more, you can choose from numerous options on the tour: bicycles, canoes, inflatable boats, sailboats, small aircrafts and helicopters. Well, got you convinced? Then quickly off to MV and right onto the jeep!

Am Hünengrab 26
17438 Wolgast

Tours and other specials are available all year round. Get more information in advance here. A reservation is necessary in any case.

4. A dose of nostalgia in the fisherman’s village of Freest

When entering the village of Freest shortly before the island of Usedom, you might assume that such a thing no longer exists these days. The harbour of the picturesque fishing village looks like the vivid painting of a bygone era. Yellow, blue, and red are the colours of the boats lined up at the quayside. There is no other place at this coast where traditional fishing can be found on such a large scale.

The port of Freest © TMV/Witzel

And there are even more heirs of a distant time. Forget about Persian carpets and Flokatis. You better get yourself a piece of northern German tradition for your very own four walls! Inspired by the folk song sung by local carpet makers: “Wi knüppen un wäben en Teppich för’t Leben” (trans.: „We knot and weave a rug for a lifetime“). What about one for your life?

Genuine handwork for the Freester Fisherman’s Carpets © TMV/pocha.de

Do you have a favourite among these outdoor adventures? The rangers, under-the-sky sleepers, adventurers & nature lads amongst you will surely have other hints in store – always bring them! Write us your recommendations as a comment under this article.

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