Extraordinary Guided Tours – Experience MV from new perspectives

Wolves, Culinary & Co. – get to know MV in a new way!

If you think you’ve already seen everything, you’re wrong: there’s always something new to experience. So why not taking part in an extraordinary guided tour? With our unusual favourites, you discover MV from a whole new perspective!

From cellar to dome – locksmith exploration

Everyone has seen it at least once: the Schwerin Castle. But have you ever been in the cellar or under the roof of the fairytale castle? From April to November you can take part in such a guided tour every weekend. This will give you an insight into the dark corridors of the basement, the rooms of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state parliament and the attic of the impressive building. Up there you can expect a fantastic view of the state capital.


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Wolf hike at dusk

Be wolves as close as you’ve ever been! Every Saturday, guided tours with an expert are offered in the Güstrower Wildpark-MV. Learn interesting things about the behaviour of the wild animals and the
the pack experiences them from close-by. You can also learn about fallow deer, lynx and wild boars. The highlight: feeding the wolf pack! This guided tour is also barrier-free at any time.


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Guided tour of Rostock by kayak

Would you like to get to know the Hanseatic city from a different perspective? Then get out on the water and let’s get started! Before you get into the kayaks, a short crash course on paddling and safety will be held with all participants. Afterwards you will drive with the kayaks through the Petriviertel and the city harbour of Rostock for about two hours . At several meeting points you will learn interesting facts about the city of Rostock. You can choose your own paddle speed. And if you are very lucky, you can even find a kingfisher or a white-tailed eagle.


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Culinary city tour through Greifswald

Experience a tasteful city walk through the historic old town of Greifswald and let yourself be enchanted by the sweet and hearty delicacies of four different gastronomers. During the walk between the restaurants you will not only get to know the regional fishing, the worldwide coffee trade and the grand wine-growing, but also everything from the founding of the Ratskeller in the Middle Ages to the coffee culture of the 21st century. Every Tuesday to Friday you can take part in this three-hour guided tour.


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Eagle safari in Federow

Who wouldn’t want to see the king of the skies up close? In the Müritz National Park this is actually possible. Here you can go on an eagle safari almost every day from April to October, starting from the national park information of Federow. First you observe the osprey live on the screen, before it is continued in nature to get to know the habitat of these majestic animals during a guided tour through the national park.


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Mushroom tours on the Darß

Mushroom lovers watch out: In September and October you can go on a mushrooms trail in the coastal pine forest near Prerow, together with an expert. Here you’ll find tasty infantile species, sand bruises and butter mushrooms. And to make sure you don’t pick the wrong mushrooms, the expert is always at your side with her knowledge. The meeting point is the Travel Charme Hotel Bernstein in Prerow.


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Night watchman tours

Beginning darkness, narrow alleys, gruesome stories: discovering a city at dusk makes one or the other feel cold. Such a guided tour with a night watchman certainly shows interesting sides of a city that you might not have expected. And the good thing about it: The two-hour tours are offered in Stralsund, Greifswald, Rostock, Wismar, Schwerin and also Güstrow.

We forgot an original tour that you find fantastic? Then we look forward to your tour highlights!


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