The dog paradise MV

Your best friend and companion should not be absent in the most beautiful time of the year. The Mecklenburg Baltic Sea Coast is a holiday paradise for you and your four-legged friends. Extensive walks along the beach, adventurous excursions through nature, extensive bicycle tours, jogging along the coast and at the same time recharging your batteries with the healthy salty air…
A holiday in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is healthy for humans and dogs! In MV dogs are welcomed guests and you can enjoy your time together to the fullest.


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An accommodation with dogs

The range of dog-friendly accommodations in MV is almost unlimited. There is something for everyone. Do you prefer sleeping directly in nature on a campsite, in the countryside on a farm, or would you rather like to have you own holiday home? Countless hotels and guesthouses also offer rooms for travellers with dogs. The choice is up to you.

6 popular dog beaches


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Spacious, shallow sandy beaches with clear water line up along the Baltic coast. At many, proven dog beaches your four-legged friends can rave partially the whole year over without leash. These are ideal conditions to feel comfortable as a dog. Simply digging in the sand, chasing your new dog friends across the beach, running after the stick and romping around in the waves to cool down…

In the low season you are allowed to use most of the beaches with your dog. In the high season between May and September, you can muse the marked dog beaches. On some beaches, however, there is a leash obligation, because of many nature reserves at the coast. The fauna and flora should not be destroyed. On the well-kept beach promenades, leashes are compulsory everywhere and tourist tax is paid in most Baltic seaside resorts for people and dogs. Many beach regions are already extensively equipped with dog bag dispensers and waste containers. Most of the restaurants and cafés are welcoming dogs and also have a bowl of water, if desired.

1. Fischland Darß Zingst


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With many dog-friendly accommodations and the national park Pommersche Boddenlandschaft the peninsula is a wonderful holiday destination. Between Ahrenshoop and Born am Darß you will find a dog beach without leash. In Zingst the dog beaches are situated at the stairways 3a and 15b.

2. Warnemünde

Warnemünde, near the Hanseatic city of Rostock, attracts many travellers to stroll along the beautiful promenade and the cruise port. The dog beach is located a little distanced in Diedrichshagen at the entrances 33 and 37.

3. Rügen

The six kilometre long beach in Binz is wide and borders on small forests. The dog beaches without leashes are at 52 and 72. In Prora your faithful companions can romp around as they please at sections 73 and 74. The dog beach in Juliusruh also offers a wicker beach chair rental and you can simply let your soul dangle while your dog around on the beach.

4. Kühlungsborn


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Kühlungsborn is worth a visit for its solely due to architecture alone. The well-kept promenade invites you to stroll and is at the same time dog-friendly You can also rent a beach chair at the dog beaches, at the entrances 14/15 and 25/26. Or you go for a walk through the shady coastal forests.

5. Wohlenberger Wiek

If you spend your holiday in Wohlenberg, you will find a dog-friendly campsite and beautiful dog beaches. Here you can spend a relaxing holiday with your dog.

6. Usedom

The sunny island of Usedom offers tourists many sandy beaches. Maybe your dog will find some Baltic gold for you! With a bit of luck and an attentive eye, you may come across amber on a walk along the beach.

Great dog- friendly excursion tips


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After you have explored beaches, forests and lakes, hiking and cycling trails, do you want to go on a trip? No problem! We show you trips where you can take your dog with you:

  • Jasmund National Park on Rügen
  • Bathing lane Rasender Roland
  • Island Safari on Usedom
  • Charles Erlbnis Court
  • boat trips
  • Dog forest Rostocker Heide
  • Walks along the shore of Lake Schwerin
  • Walks on the dike near the Dömitz fortress
  • Archaeological Open Air Museum Groß Rahden
  • Open-air museum Schwerin Mueß
  • Bear forest Müritz
  • Müritzeum
  • Bison reserve in Damerower Werder at the Kölpin lake
  • Ivenacker Oaks and the game reserve
  • Zoos & Animal Parks

Who of you got in the mood for a holiday at the Balitc coast in MV?


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