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Rostock’s charming and attractive trendy district

Do you feel like strolling and browsing in small shops or you just love to chill in a café and enjoy the moment? Then Rostock’s hip district – the Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt – is the right one for you! From creative DIY shops and individual second-hand shops to international culinary delights, there are many other things to discover in the KTV.

Leonhardstraße mit dem Café Central © Ahoi Rostock

Leonhardstraße with the Café Central © Ahoi Rostock

Between “Hansaviertel” and the city centre of Rostock you can find the KTV with its many bars, cafés and small shops. The area is named after Rostock’s western main entrance – the Kröpeliner Tor. In the past, the KTV was known primarily as a working-class district. It was only after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990 that extensive renovations were carried out. Today, the district is known above all for its young, fresh and vital ambience, but it is also attractive for its historically reconstructed houses and apartments.

Nowadays more than 19,000 inhabitants live in Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt, mainly young people and students. The average age is under 40 years and this can be felt during a walk through the KTV. No matter whether during the day or in the late evening: there is always something going on.

Walking and relaxing during the day

Variety and creativity are of great importance in Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt. In the early morning, life is already pulsating. Countless cafés invite you to breakfast or brunch. For example, you can enjoy buffet or à la carte breakfast at Café Käthe or Café Central. At lunchtime you can try out Pakistani cuisine at the cosy Café Lom in Barnstorfer Weg area.

Café Lom © Ahoi Rostock

Café Lom © Ahoi Rostock

Afterwards it continues with strolling, browsing, shopping and eating. You can’t just walk past the many little shops without having a look inside. From home accessories, homemade jewelry, second-hand clothes or small labels, there is everything that makes women’s hearts beat faster. It is remarkable that not only the selection of articles is stylish and unusual, but the shops themselves were furnished with a lot of love and passion. For example, “Cosi” offers a wide range of Danish home accessories, organic tea and second-hand, but also selected pieces from Berlin labels. And just around the corner you can visit the nähmarie in her little shop – after all, we did the same for the Interview the other day.

After shopping or in the meantime you can look forward to home-made ice cream from the Eisscholle or try freshly roasted coffee in the café Ronja. But shopping and eating are not the only things that are popular in KTV. The Artquarium, a producer gallery, is absolutely worth a visit. Here artists and designers from Rostock exhibit their carefully produced pieces. Besides the various exhibitions there are often small concerts. Particularly impressive for all avid book lovers is Herr Koreander, a used bookstore with a large selection from various genres.

Artquarium © Ahoi Rostock

Artquarium © Ahoi Rostock

Let the day end in a relaxing evening

The KTV – also known by many as the Rostock district – really starts flourishing again in the evening. Whether on weekends or during the week, there is always something going on due to the immediate proximity to some faculties, the canteen and the library of the University of Rostock. There are also several student residences and numerous shared flats in the KTV, which is therefore also seen as a secret student neighbourhood.

On weekends there are many bars to visit between Doberaner Platz and Margaretenplatz. These have thus become the central meeting points of scene life. While walking from a bar to the other one you´ll meet familiar faces over and over again. There is a great atmosphere when the inhabitants but also visitors of the KTV fall into each other’s arms to welcome each other, the laughter echoes through the streets and everyone is relaxed and cheerful. A quick visit will give you the feeling of belonging to this large, diverse and individual scene.


Die rustikale und urige Kneipe „Pirat“ © Ahoi Rostock

The rustic and traditional pub “Pirat”. © Ahoi Rostock

None of the trendy bars and pubs is like the others. Each shines through an individual concept and unique design. The “Pirat” in Leonhardstraße attracts visitors with its rustic and traditonal atmosphere, while the “Barke” spoils its guests with delicious cocktails. If you don’t like it that much, you can also spend a relaxing evening at Café Stadtkind or Warmbad.

If you just don’t feel like walking around the houses or visiting bars, the KTV has other evening programmes to offer. From concerts to movies and theatre, everything finds its place in the numerous locations – such as the Peter Weiss Haus, the Volkstheater Rostock or the li.wu. (The Wonderful Cinemas) – a small cinema with a selected programme. There are also various restaurants with German and international cuisine.

Das Li.Wu. im Barnstorfer Weg © Ahoi Rostock

The Li.Wu. im Barnstorfer Weg © Ahoi Rostock

What else to discover?

In addition to the many small shops, bars and cafés, the KTV also offers many other sights. After all, what would a trendy district be without its own brewery? You are lucky, because the Hanseatische Brauerei Rostock (brewery) has been located on Doberaner Straße since 1878 and is happy to open its doors for guided tours. For even more culture you can visit the Heiligen-Geist-Kirche or the Lindenpark with the Jewish cemetery. What you should not miss on your tour of the KTV is the eponymous Kröpeliner Tor, which has been rising into the sky near Doberaner Platz since 1270.

Are you interested in visiting the KTV? Let’s go! We wish you a lot of fun while strolling and browsing, eating and shopping. Maybe you’ll discover one or two tips we’ve forgotten?!

For the pictures from the category “in the middle of it instead of just there” we say thanks to the wonderful Jo Nordlicht of Ahoi Rostock!

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