Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is becoming more and more popular through its festivals on the beach at the Baltic Sea, with the largest ever in the north, the Fusion and Airbeat One Festival on old military sites.

These include the surf and bulli festivals on the Baltic coast, the Pangea Festival and the Zuparken Festival.

Here you can find an overview of the festivals in MV!

“A day at the sea” festival and us in the middle of it!

Do you think lying relaxed by the sea in the sunshine is all you need for a perfect beach day? Then you have probably never been to the “Tag am Meer” – Festival in Prora on Rügen.

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Zuparken – Surf- and Bulli-Festival

Zuparken – the small surf and bulli festival at the beach of Kägsdorf with numerous workshops, testivals and lots of music.

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Seaborn-Festival in Kuehlungsborn

A newcomer and another active festival, not only for dancing, but also for active crafting, making music and doing sports!

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7 Festival Survival Tips

Blubben auf dem Pangea Festival

Hilfreiche Tipps für euren nächsten Festivalbesuch damit ihr nix vergesst und nix schief geht bei der Partysause!

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