Build your own kayak or raft

Your fingers are tingling and you are looking for the technical challenge. Either alone or as a team you have several possibilities in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Either in a camp or in a shipyard you can have a good time and we have selected a few options for you.


Kayak building

Kajakbau © boot-workshop GmbH

Building a kayak © boot-workshop GmbH


On Usedom in Peenemünde you will find the place where you can build your own wooden boat. Whether kayak, sailing boat or your own Stand Up Paddling Board – you can find a large selection to make your dream come true. Since 2006, boot-workshop GmbH (website in German) offers several courses throughout the year. You can participate alone or in a larger team and realise the project under professional guidance. After the construction you can put the finished kayak on the water and test it.

Besides extensive courses on boat building and on how to repair a boat, beginners and fans can learn with like-minded rigs or repair their own boats under expert guidance. The accommodation is just around the corner and those who are looking for something different can visit the nearby Historical-Technical Museum.


boot-workshop GmbH
Fährstraße 1, 17449 Peenemünde
Tel: 0177 5606832


Raft building

Floßtest auf der Meerenge der Ostsee © Waldseilpark Rügen

Raft test on the Ostsee strait © Waldseilpark Rügen

Are you planning the next summer party or maybe you want to experience something extraordinary with your friends?
So why don´t you come on Rügen island in Altefähr and start bulding your own raft in as a team and test it immediately afterwards. This is exactly what you can experience at the Waldseilpark Rügen (website in German). Material and construction support are included. If the raft sinks, you can take a short forest rope tour later on.

Overnight stay and food are also on site for refreshment afterwards and even a tree house is there waiting for you.


Waldseilpark Rügen
Klingenberg 25, 18573 Altefähr
Tel: 038306 239758


Self-made Canadian

Bootswerft Freest © TMV/

Boatyard Freest © TMV/

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern you can follow the self-made Canadian tradition. In Freest, the “Bootswerft Freest” workshops are offered in a spacious shipyard. In One-day courses you will learn how to design a large Canadian and how to make it using slat construction techniques.

You will be assigned the complete construction of the Canadian. You will learn how to braid benches, how to laminate the frames and how to bend in the balconewalk. Now only keel, paddles and skirting boards are missing and at the end there will be room for 12 people.

As a group you will get special discounts on site, so bring up to 10 friends and let´s get it started. If you want to stay overnight in the same place, you can also do this for a small fee in the accommodation units next to the shipyard.


Bootswerft Freest
Dorfstraße 21, 17440 Freest
Tel: 038370 25748


Raft buliding in the Fereiencamp

Floßbau in Verchen © Kinder- und Jugendhotel Verchen GbR

Raft building in Verchen © Kinder- und Jugendhotel Verchen GbR

On the river Peene in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern you can also enjoy the “raft building fun”. In the camp or on individual request you cobble together your own creation and then test it right on Lake Kummerow. Besides the construction of the raft, the Kinder-und Jugendhotel Verchen (website in German) offers further adventure possibilities and a place to sleep.


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