Cycling along the Baltic Coast

Off on the bikes, the Baltic Sea coast cycle path does not ride itself after all! But why make life harder than it is? Short research and a few minutes later, in order not to transport our own bikes by train or car, we found the provider “mietrad” and rented bikes there for our trip to the east.

For the route guidance we had bought a universal mobile phone holder at a very reasonable price, which fulfilled its service more than expected. Easy to assemble, never shifted, even on cobblestones, we were now well equipped to master the first stage.

Ostseeküstenradweg Nienhagen © S.H.Witzel

Ostseeküstenradweg Nienhagen © S.H.Witzel

Leaving Travemünde behind us, we passed Groß Schwansee towards the Baltic seaside resort Boltenhagen. The Baltic Sea coast cycle path runs parallel along the coast and offers several beach entrances for swimming and rest – with or without a dog. In between we had a small diversion, because due to the storm at the beginning of 2017 individual parts of the cliffs along the Baltic Sea had slightly broken off. Lucky you, as the English say, because we passed a small “mustery” to enjoy freshly squeezed, chilled apple juice.

Baltic Seaside Resort Boltenhagen

Seebrücke Boltenhagen © S.H.Witzel

Boltenhagen Pier © S.H.Witzel

After about 26 km we reached Boltenhagen, which is booming around the summer season – especially for families and campers. Long promenade, great beach and yet it didn’t seem full at all. The main street “Ostseeallee” offers several possibilities for snacks, cocktails in bars as well as many restaurants for lunch and dinner. On the middle promenade you will find a dome under which a small entertainment programme takes place almost every evening. So if you feel like it, get on your bike and off to Boltenhagen.

Jugendherberge Beckerwitz © S.H.Witzel

Youth hostel Beckerwitz © S.H.Witzel

After another 16 km we passed the youth hostel Beckerwitz. Here you will find an interesting accommodation – for a relaxed night and fully styled – an extraordinary accommodation.

And if you still feel like playing golf, get off your wheels and pack your golf bag. For this you can find the golf course Hohen Wieschendorf directly on the coast with a great view and also a few holiday apartments.


Historischer Hafen Wismar © S.H.Witzel

Historical Harbor in Wismar © S.H.Witzel

Passing the popular camping site Zierow with a view of the Baltic Sea, you arrive in the centre of Wismar after just 10 km. Speaking of, would you like a little cooling off? On the way between Boltenhagen and Wismar you will always find small places for a swim and lots of nature.

The Hanseatic city of Wismar with its historic old town has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and offers several restaurants and bars at the old harbour for lingering in the best ambience.

Hotel Bertramshof © S.H.Witzel

Hotel Bertramshof © S.H.Witzel

A few days before the start of the tour we had already chosen our accommodation via Bett+Bike (website in German) and stayed overnight in the Hotel Bertramshof. A simple hotel, very clean, with extensive breakfast and the bicycles are safely maintained.

Island of Poel

Day one and night past and already it went on. Today the circumnavigation of Poel was on the agenda with destination Rerik. With a big rain front in the back we were a bit faster on the way. With the rain front came of course also the wind and beside the popular bathing place “Schwarzer Busch” on Poel we also found the small surf spot at the northwest tip.

Kitespot Insel Poel © S.H.Witzel

Kite spot on the Island of Poel © S.H.Witzel

Poel offers beside its small beaches small fine villages and thereby we discovered this sweet island pharmacy in Kirchdorf. Suitable for one of us who had been complaining since yesterday with small “Mimimi sore throat”.

Insel Apotheke Poel © S.H.Witzel

Island pharmacy Poel © S.H.Witzel

After 32 km also Poel Island was completed. Passing Boiensdorf and Pepelow we left the Salzhaff. This part of the bay is very popular with surfers and offers a fantastic shallow water spot for practicing. Along the Salzhaff there are several camping sites for overnight stays or you can visit the holiday resort St. Pepelone (website in German) with a relaxed Mediterranean feeling.


Ferienhof-Ostseeland Rerik © S.H.Witzel

Ferienhof Ostseeland Rerik © S.H.Witzel

In Rerik we chose the accommodation Ferienhof Ostseeland Rerik (website in German) via Bett+Bike. Renovated and very comfortably furnished. If you haven’t had enough of the saddle yet, you are welcome to book a riding lesson and end the day with a riding lesson.

We followed the tip of the locals for dinner and ended up in the restaurant “Zur Linde” (website in German). The order was placed across the menu and everything was there, from fish to game, and very tasty! Alternatively, this original fishing village offers several alternatives to a break.

Kühlungsborn / Heiligendamm

Restaurant Vielmeer in Kühlungsborn © S.H.Witzel

Restaurant Vielmeer in Kühlungsborn © S.H.Witzel

The last day of our bike tour to Warnemünde led us through Kühlungsborn. A Baltic seaside resort in which much has changed in recent years. Wide-stretched with many accommodations for the small but also big purse. A little tip from our side for snacks and relaxation is the harbour. Here you will find the restaurant “Vielmeer” (website in German) to relax and you can also take one or the other live music evening with you. Anyone interested in action, can book a tour on the speedboat “Ostseejumper” (website in German) and then be dropped off at the “Deck Heiligendamm”. This beach bar is located directly on the beach and is one of the absolute highlights on the Baltic Sea coast.

Deck Heiligendamm © S.H.Witzel

Beach bar “Deck Heiligendamm” © S.H.Witzel

We were curious and stopped at the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm! Contrary to what many people think, we were warmly welcomed at the “door”, sit down for cake and coffee on the Nelson Bar terrace and thus had the best view of the historic Kurhaus.

Grand Hotel Heiliegendamm © S.H. Witzel

Grand Hotel Heiliegendamm © S.H. Witzel

Finally we made it and arrived at the seaside resort Warnemünde. Overnight stay from youth hostel to star hotel – everything in and relaxation at sunset guaranteed. The best thing to do is to stop by one of the beach bars. Either the “Schusters Strandbar” (website in German) at the lighthouse or the Supremesurf Beachhouse, near Hotel Neptun. Nothing can get in the way of a perfect end to the day.

You can download the GPX-track of this tour directly here.

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