Culinary Experiences and Landmarks of German History in Dömitz

At the river Elbe, where there was once the border between two German states, Dömitz is situated on the side of Mecklenburg. After the reunification, the bridge over the Elbe, destroyed during the war, was rebuilt. Today one can cross the river where only 30 years ago a sharply secured border divided Germany. Now East and West are connected again. The bridge in Dömitz proudly stands as a symbol of reconciliation in the Elbtalaue.

But there is much more to discover here. So, pack your stuff and look forward to a weekend full of fresh air, great views, places steeped in history and good food!

8 Dömitz Highlights

Festung Dömitz

Festung Dömitz © TMV/Braatz

Already in the 16th century the inhabitants of Dömitz built their own Pentagon: a pentagonal fortress in the typical Renaissance style. Today it is open to visitors every day except Mondays. Guided tours are also available for groups.

Boat Tour

If you prefer to discover Dömitz from the water side, you can get on one of the boats that offer round trips in the harbour. There are also paddlers who discover the Elbe with kayaks in summer. But be warned, the current is strong and there are many cargo ships on the river – an area only for experienced paddlers.

Dike Walks

The Dike near Dömitz © TMV/Witzel

For those who prefer to explore the region by foot, we advise you to take a walk on the Elbe dike. Here you can take a deep breath. From the harbour you have a nice view to the old city wall and the old town.

Panorama Café

Panorama Café © Hotel Dömitzer Hafen/Langner

In the harbour there are various old warehouses. Today one of them depicts a hotel with private beach, caravan sites, fish restaurant and on the roof a panorama café. From here you have an all-round view over the Elbe and the city. One can even feel the wind on the terrace all around.

Harbour of Dömitz © Hotel Dömitzer Hafen/Langner

If you stay here overnight, ask for one of the rooms where the bathtub is located in the bedroom, then you can watch the ships while you lie in the warm bubble bath.
Once a year the harbour birthday party is taking place – a party that lasts the whole weekend. If you wanted to come at this time, it’s better to book long in advance, because the rooms are quickly booked.

Italian ice cream in the ice cream cafe Tiziano

On the opposite side of the harbour, there is, to my mind,  the best ice cream parlour in Mecklenburg. It is run by an Italian guy from Naples, who makes various kinds of ice cream here in summer (all kinds of intolerances and food allergies are taken into account) and in winter he enjoys the sun with his family in Italy.


If you want to leave the hotel again in the evening, you can take a walk in the old town. At the church there is a cosy bar called Martin’s where live music is played.

With Children

Those who travel with children can overcome their fear of heights in the climbing park, only a few minutes drive between the Elbe bridge and the harbour. There are courses in the trees which are fun for the whole family. Please register in advance!



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About 15 minutes away by car, Vielank is located, known for the Vielanker brewery. It was furnished by the same investor as the Hafenhotel in Dömitz and is just as lovingly decorated. Here you brew Vielanker beer, Fassbrause, grow your own aurochs and distill your own whiskey. I personally like to eat the Tarte Flambée from the stone oven here 😉

Well, let’s go! I wish you a nice weekend!

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