Baroque Delights in Ludwigslust – the pleasure place

Can you imagine what life as a Duke in the 18th century must have been like? What house you would build to stay in during the hunting season if money were abundant? What balls you would host if you had a ballroom in your residence? Come visit Ludwigslust to step back in time into the Baroque splendour!

Schloss Ludwigslust © Christin

This castle is an absolute must-see – inside and out. Guided tours are available and so worth it! You could admire the gold and the chandeliers by yourself, but the stories about dukes and duchesses make the rooms come to life. You can almost see them walk through their landscaped garden and park, along the cascades and the pond that so elegantly reflects the perfectly symmetrical dwelling.

Brücke im Großen Park Ludwigslusts © Christin

Every year, artist, musicians, acrobat and comedians flock to the park to perform at Kleines Fest im großen Park (the little celebration in the big park) to enjoy life just like Duke Ludwig II and Friedrich would have done. It`s a spectacle anybody can join, but mind you, only if you buy your tickets on time! Always very popular far beyond the region, one of the two days of the 2018 event is already sold out.  Secure you ticket today at kleines Fest im grossen Park.

Das kleine Fest im großen Park © TMV/Monika Lawrenz

There is also a popular Baroque festival each year where you will see actors and locals dressed up in authentic period dresses, enjoying the splendour of the castle and surrounding park. If you have ever worn a corset under a dress with hoops, you have a completely new appreciation for our modern style of clothing.

Die Stadtkirche in Ludwigslust © Christin

You will also notice the church right across the street from the castle. Nothing is a coincidence. Reflecting the self-image of the builder, unlike any other church it does not face East, but faces the castle. It is also open to visitors.

Die Stadtkirche von Ludwigslust mit Altar © Christin

Tucked away in quiet Southwest Mecklenburg this is not your typical overrun tourist destination but surprisingly personable in all the grandeur and such lush surroundings. So, how about it? Splendour, ballrooms and cascades, anybody?

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