ARONA Yachting & history

Today we want to tell you about a short story which dates back to 1920…

The story is about a wooden boat and its “rescue” from natural decay.

The background

Die Brüder Robert & Paul von ARONA Yachting © TMV/Arona Yachting

The brothers Robert & Paul of ARONA Yachting © TMV/Arona Yachting

Two brothers – Robert and Paul – two enthusiasts of water sports and also two lovers of the wood element. Already when they were children they loved all the different water sports and always had the urge to make projects out of wood.

From this arose the idea to look for a new project for the two Rostockers and in 2012 the wish was concentrated on a classic motor yacht. They wanted a versatile boat with which you can enjoy a good time. Rostock’s city harbour had to be revived and preserving this boat as a maritime heritage is surely a good start.

Searching for a “Wooden Boat”

Das Schiff nach dem Fund © TMV/Arona Yachting

The ship after its discovery © TMV/Arona Yachting

After a long search and new attempts, the two of them did not find this piece of jewelry in Germany, but they had to continue their journey to northern Europe. They finally found what they were looking for in Borensberg, Sweden. It is the boat ARONA. A Mahogany wooden boat that they could admire in an old barn after a long research.

During the interviews it turned out that this ship was built in 1920 at the Carl Gustaf Pettersson shipyard in Stockholm.


  • 8 meters lenght
  • 1,80 meters width
  • Volvo Penta MD2 with 25 hp

They soon realized that this was exactly what they were looking for and so the negotiations began. Even the descendants of the first owner’s family came into play shortly before the ship was loaded. They wanted to make sure that the ship was going in the right hands.

The two brothers were able to convince them of the good idea of bringing the traditional ship into an environment where shipping has existed for over 800 years.

Restoration work

Das Schiff kurz vor der Fertigstellung der Restauration © TMV/Arona Yachting

The ship right befor the end of the restoration work © TMV/Arona Yachting

The restoration lasted just over a year until spring 2013 and many friends were more than just worth the help. As a result, the ship shone with traditional splendour and was launched in May 2013.

Fertiges Schiff Arona Yachting vor Rostock-Warnemünde © Martin Kringel

Finished ship Arona Yachting in Rostock-Warnemünde © Martin Kringel

Since then ARONA Yachting offers space for 8 persons on the mahogany deck on the Baltic Sea and on the Baltic Sea coast. Not only you can visit the ship for the Hanse Sail in the city harbour of Rostock, but you can also ask for individual trips for special occasions.

Junggesellenabschied © TMV/Arona Yachting

Bachelor party © Rostock Sailing

From bachelor party to wedding rides or the simple, relaxing “men’s round”, as well as family trips are still very popular today and are now booked repeatedly every year.
A little tip: During Warnemünde Week and the Hanse Sail you will get your individual trip through the city harbour between the “giant ships”!

ARONA Yachting

Robert & Paul Szuszinski
Stralsunder Str. 15
18057 Rostock
mobil: 0176 21986660









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