4 Outdoor Fall Tips

This is part 2 of our recommenations for your fall outdoor adventures.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – that is summer, sun, sand but also so much more. As soon as summer is over many vacationers say goodbye. We stay and with us many offers that will make your fall an extraordinary experience! Here are our 4 insider tips:

On unknown paths in MV © TMV/ Roth

1. Kung-Fu Fighting with Thammavong

How to perceive nature and yourself in a fresh new way can be learned at martial arts school Thammavong Rostock. The wide range of courses on Kung-Fu, Qigong, Nutrition and Self-Defense offers an excellent chance to go into reverse, balance body and mind and do Digital Detox! But it is not just about relaxation, it is the distance to daily life. Throughout these unique exercises you will learn the essentials of Chinese martial arts and mindfulness.

A very special experience in tune with nature © Thammavong Rostock

During regular outdoor courses on survival training you can try out every important aspect, starting with making a fire, continuing with the search for water and food and ending with the basics of self-defence and orientation in the field. In addition to weekly courses, there are also unique week-end adventures such as a Kung-Fu overnight stay.

Self-defence and Asian martial arts taught by Thammavong © Thammavong Rostock

Schwaaner Landstraße 191
18059 Rostock

For more information about the events and courses, please visit the Thammavong Rostock website.

2. Capturing the moment in the FotoKunstPfad in Zingst

Zingst has become a true lighthouse of photography in the north – every Spring the environmental photography festival “horizonte zingst” attracts numerous artists. Beyond that, the FotoKunstPfad offers the opportunity to capture wonderful moments all year round. Supported by OLYMPUS you can borrow their new camera model OM-D E-M10 Mark II for free at 8 stations on-site. The only thing missing is your creativity and of course a suitable motive. Around Zingst there are several outdoor installations of international artists to track down – so you should find what you’re looking for!

Art to be touched on the FotoKunstPfad © TMV/Krauss

With its integrated filter function, the OLYMPUS camera offers enough leeway to let off steam! At the end of the day you can keep the SD card along with the works of art you have shot. Where exactly the cameras can be borrowed freely, you will find out in Zingst.

3. Stoked about the Island of Rügen

Surfing on asphalt – why not explore Rügen from a different angle? It’s possible with the longboard. The import from California is no longer a secret and has also arrived here in MV.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Treibholz Boards (@treibholzboards) am

Rügen is indeed perfect for a longboard tour. The wide network of cycle paths is also ideal for a lap on wheels. On this page you can choose from different asphalted paths. We definitely recommend the routes linking Binz and Neu Mukran, Glowe and Juliusruh or Middelhagen and Lobbe.

You don’t own a board, but would like to roll off yourself? No problem. At ProBoarding on Rügen you can rent longboards per hour, day or week. The team will be pleased to advise you or give tips on the best routes on Rügen.

ProBoarding Rügen
Dörpstrat 35
18586 Klein Zicker

4. Geocaching

Geocaching is an interesting way to dive into nature and its terrain. With this kind of treasure hunt we don’t recommend you a world novelty but why not bring the outdoor activity back on your Bucket-List?

Treasure hunt of a different kind © TMV/Roth

The treasure? In fewest cases true valuables though that’s not the point at all. But as the saying goes? The path is the goal. We can only agree with that! Several caches all over MV are waiting for you. Grab some friends, a GPS device for the pro feeling or your smartphone and there you go. Especially in and around Schwerin you can find some great routes for treasure hunts. Or just have a look at Ruegencacher for the latest coordinates fresh from the island.

Everything you need to know about geocaching can be found on the official geocaching web page

Which outdoor adventure is your favourite for this season? The MVnow team wishes you lots of fun trying them out!

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