12 activities for winter!

Winter is here and you’re rotting on the couch? We hope not, because there is still so much to discover. Because bad weather does not exist inland and on the Baltic Sea coast!

Climbing & bouldering

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You want to stay sporty? Then indoor climbing or indoor bouldering is perhaps just the right thing. At some climbing facilities you need the previously taken off wiping of the colleagues on site or you already have the experience and start directly. You can rent climbing gear and shoes on site. Bouldering is like climbing, only without protection. The wall you climb is about 2 meters high and if you fall, then only soft! In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern there are four starting points for you:

Snowboarding & Skiing

Even if Mecklenburg Schweiz has a few “peaks” to ski down, it is usually not enough with the snow. So just check out the ski and snowboard hall to Wittenburg and the fun park!

Skiing hall Wittenburg

Paintball & Lasertag

It gets cold, but paintball always works, because who is dressed thickly, feels less… If you prefer it warmer and without “pain”, you should try laser day like in “How I met your mother”! All locations for Lasertag and Paintball in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern:

Sled dog tour

Now you ask yourself, where can this be done? Of course in MV – in fact in Benthen. With or without snow, here you will definitely get your money’s worth. You ride along yourself or are just spectators… but who would want to? So get in and enjoy the tour through nature!

Sled Dog Tours Aurorakennel

Sightseeing flight with helicopter or airplane

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When is it better than to see nature from above on a clear day than NOW! In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern there are a few places to go for sightseeing flights, either by helicopter or small engine aircraft.

Ice bathing

Why not harden up now and have a round of ice bathing! The Baltic Sea is a little warmer in winter than the lakes, so you have the minimum choice…

Baking cookies

Just in time for Christmas time you can meet friends, sip a wine and bake cookies! Recipes for all kinds of things can be found here.

Wellness & swimming

Why not use the winter to decelerate once properly… The best thing to do is to take your loved one with you and treat yourself to some relaxation. In the inland there are fantastic corners with castles and unique nature. On the Baltic coast the stiff breeze with a view of the Baltic Sea from the sauna.

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